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Fractal Tripping with denial.of.service

Pack your bags: Harry Martis (aka denial.of.service) just booked you on a trek through a CG fractal dreamland disguised as two music videos for German electro-duo Extrawelt, a task that took “over four months of intense coding experimentation and over 1,000 hours of rendering to complete.”

Martis: “Both videos were created via manipulation of the basic Mandelbrot fractal formula in 3D (i.e. a ‘Mandelbulb’) and were then edited in sync with the audio. All of the software used for the creation of the fractal exploration sequences was either open-source or experimental bits and pieces of code which I had to (re)compile and mingle with, in order to shape the implicit geometries/surfaces, as well as, the viewport coordinates so as to fake a virtual camera fly-by or fly-through motion.

“I made an effort so that, as the tracks unfold, the 3D space is manipulated in fluid movements in order to expose all those constantly evolving, transforming and mutating recursive structures, like journeying from esoteric hyper-complex organic, to terra-forming inorganic implicit surfaces down to level of detail of their very pores.

“Simulated ZDepth sequences were also produced throughout the process in order to induce extreme depth
of field lens effects for a more photoreal macro aesthetic.

“The motion (fps to audio-transients) was scripted in After Effects, as were all the colour grading and the various incidental image effects.


“The Inkling”

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