Greg Gunn Illuminates Blind’s 10 Commandments

Former Three Legged Leg and current Blind creative director Greg Gunn takes the 10 Core Values of his current employer to heart and then into motion in this fun and inventive series of animated mini-films featuring ultra-minimal yet charming/emotive characters.

“These animations were kind of an unplanned, purely for fun project I thought about doing in my spare time. I would give myself two days, pick a Core Value and just go for it. After I made a couple, I shared them with the rest of the gang and received a good response.

“I handled all of the story, design and animation and was lucky enough to find a terrific sound partner, Dynamite Laser Beam, who was equally as excited about the films. A majority of the work was done during lunch, on a break, and in between jobs.”

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