Holiday Treat from Xmas Past

Last holiday season (tucked away in Stash 88) we featured these fun and ferocious E4 IDs from London’s Treat Studios which we now proudly induct into the Stash Classics hall of fame. Here’s Treat director Matt Layzell on the project: “It was a very open brief: create five irreverent and fun idents between five and 10 seconds long on the theme of Christmas.

“Originally the main character looked totally un-Christmassy which the guys at E4 were a bit concerned about. So the main creative challenge I encountered was re-designing the main character without loosing its crazy-shapes body. It might have actually been to our favor as the original character was a lot more complex.


“We used Flash for the 2D elements, Cinema 4D for all the 3D bits and the backgrounds were hand-drawn (ink on paper) and colored in Photoshop. The whole thing was composited in After Effects. There was a bit of work in getting the 3D elements to fit in with the hand-drawn parts in terms of getting them outlined in the same way. Apart from that it all seemed to come together pretty smoothly.


“You can’t really hear much of it, but a lot of time was spent coming up with a Christmas carol for the kids to sing. We were all choirboys when we were younger so it took a little to slip the old vocal chords back into the abbey so to speak.”Schedule: “Four weeks with about three days for storyboarding and design, so it was pretty tight. A lot of the design was done whilst we were making it.”

For Treat
Director/design: Matt Layzell
Animation: Bishoy Gendi, Michael Gendi, Jonathan Harris
Sound design: Daniel BoyleToolkit
Flash, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, After Effects

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