iamstatic Look Inside the Mind of Leonardo da Vinci

For director Julian Jones new feature length documentary Inside the Mind of Leonardo, Toronto-based iamstatic and Township & Company re-imagined the modern world through the eyes of Leonardo da Vinci. Taking eight months to complete, the thirty minutes of stereoscopic animation were based on the Renaissance man’s 6,000 page codex of handwritten notes and drawings.

Director: Julian Jones
Executive Producer: Peter Lovering
Line Producer: Helen Conlan
Audio: Finn Curry

Animation/VFX Director: IAMSTATIC
Production: Township & Company
VFX EP/Producer: Amanda Lariviere
Creative Director: Ron Gervais
CG/Animation Director: Dave Greene
Art Direction/Design/Animation: Emrah Gonulkirmaz, Michael Brown, Randy Knott, Ron Gervais, Dave Greene
VFX Supervisor: Andres Kirejew
Production Coordinator: Sherry Kennedy

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