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Joseph Pierce and Fifty Nine Productions: “The Pub”

The third installment in Joseph Pierce’s multi-award winning trilogy of monochrome deviant-roto shorts applies his singular talent for amplifying human weaknesses to the denizens of The Camden Eye, a pub on the ground floor of his flat in North London.

“The idea followed an open-call by the Japan Image Council for a three-month residency in Tokyo for any non-Japanese animators. Living above a pub in the heart of one of the capital’s busiest destinations, offered inspiration literally on the doorstep. Although the narrative is fictional, every word and event has occurred at some point in the bar, in fact many of the more extreme events witnessed didn’t make the cut.

“The film soon outgrew the residency in its sheer ambition, at eight minutes, with almost 70 (hand held) shots and 16 different characters it dwarfed my previous shorts by some margin. Having completed less than a minute in Tokyo the film demanded a great deal of personal investment and sacrifice in terms of finances and time to complete it. It received no further funding and wasn’t made by a team of animators but singularly. Without the unwavering support of Fifty Nine Productions it could have easily fallen by the wayside.”

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