Juan Cabral and MPC Duel for No7

MJZ director Juan Cabral and the MPC VFX teams in London and Bangalore “celebrate the internal power and energy that cosmetics can bring” in this dramatic 60″ spot featuring American Olympic saber fencer Monica Aksamit.

MPC VFX supervisor (3D) Amir Bazazi: “Most of the film was shot in-camera; our challenge was to simulate the physics of make-up and stay true to how it looks in real life – how it applies, how it moves.

“We’re talking about creating CG products on a scale that we have limited existing references for; for example in order to get the smear of foundation across the screen looking right, we spread the real product across a clear perspex sheet and took close-up stills. It’s then a case of constantly reviewing your work with the director to perfect the finish.”

Kristof Neirynck, VP and global category director, skincare, global brands at Walgreens Boots Alliance: “This is a first for us, making a beauty advert that doesn’t show the face of the star, but for No7 it is more important to champion the true role of make-up in women’s lives – the internal power and the energy that women have when they feel in control of their own beauty.”

No7 Monica Aksamit | STASH MAGAZINE

Client: No7

Agency: Mother

Director: Juan Cabral
Producer: Fraser Lawson
Head of Production: Lindsay Turnham

Creative Director: Diarmid Harrison-Murray
Creative Director: Bill McNamara
VFX Supervisor: Dan Lorenzini, Andrew Roberts, Tushar Kewlani, Amir Bazazi
VFX Producer: Amy Richardson
Grade: MPC
Colorist: Matthieu Toullet

Sound: 750 MPH
Music: Dan Owen ‘Hideaway’
Music: Atlantic Records
Music: Warner Music & Entertainment