“Lemon Drop Kiss” By Freestyle Collective


Recently completed is this in-house project from Freestyle Collective as a collaborative effort from Art Director Brian Drucker and animators, Christina Sidoti, Damien Cho, and Entae Kim, under the creative direction of Victor Newman. Taking 3 months to complete due to the vast number of models that had to be managed, “There were actually about three to four hundred flowers in the opening shot alone that we had to model and animate. adds lead animator Entae Kim.

Watch “Lemon Drop Kiss”

Creative Direction: Victor Newman
Concept, Character Design, Technical and Art Direction: Brian Drucker
Additional Character Design and Compositing:Damien Cho
Lead Animator: Entae Kim
Modeler, Animator, and Rigging: Christina Sidoti
Senior Producer: Tricia Chatterton
Producer: Bruce Moreau
Music: Josephine Jobot Yang
Sound Design: Nick Cipriano of Analogue Muse

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