Lesbian Space Elevator Love Story

LA artist/writer/director Niles Heckman sent us this email yesterday: “Trailer for our lesbian space elevator love story. It was shot with a three-person crew in my living room. 2014 release.”

The compact 17-second montage (a collaboration between AURORA-LAB, Marauder Film aurora-lab.com and marauderfilm.com) packs in a half-dozen seriously beautiful sci-fi set pieces and enough dystopian intrigue to make us wanna check out the Kickstarter campaign coming in January.

Production: AURORA-LAB aurora-lab.com/AURORAS
Title: AURORAS – short film trailer (2014)
Executive Producers: Jackie Dela Merced, Niles Heckman
Writer / Director: Niles Heckman
Occupant / Loved One: Jess Dela Merced
2nd Unit Director: Bastiaan Koch
Editor: Jack Linemennosh
Director of Photography: Niles Heckman
Sound Designer: Andrew Duncan
Costume Supervisor: Vanessa Mi-Kyung Lee
Makeup: Davee Troublefield
Gaffer: Marc-Antoine Serou
Visual Effects: AURORA-LAB / Marauder Film / Studio-G Productions
Art Director: Bastiaan Koch
Animation Director: Rick Glenn
Consultants: Daisuke Nagae, Vernon Wilbert, Rick Glenn,
Special Thanks: Daisuke Nagae, Matt Smith, Bumpin Shrimp, Ken Chida, Freesound.org
A collaboration between AURORA-LAB & Marauder Film aurora-lab.com/ & marauderfilm.com/
Copywrite 2014 AURORA-LAB, All Rights Reserved
Summary: nilesheckman.squarespace.com/work_experience/2013/12/9/auroras-trailer-comingsoon-kickstarter-2014-aurora-lab.html?SSScrollPosition=0

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