Lumbre: 2013 “XTRM” Channel Branding

Creative Director Sergio Saleh and the team at Lumbre in Buenos Aires have evolved into a serious broadcast design force with an enviable list of international clients and an impressive range of styles including adrenalin-fueled 3D executions like this new branding exercise for Spain’s Chello Multicanal XTRM channel.

Client: Chello Multicanal España

Creative Director: Sergio Saleh
Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo
Art Director LUMBRE: Adriana Campos
Design: Adriana Campos, Andy Cambiasso, José Cambariere
3D Lead Animation: Damian Stricker, José Cambariere
3D Animation: Silvestre Rendón, Damian Stricker, José Cambariere
Architecture: Damian Stricker, Silvestre Rendón, Adriana Campos, Flor Patronis
2D Animation and composition: Dario Becher, Silvestre Rendon, Rodolfo Melian, Damian Stricker, José Cambariere
Sound Design: Marcela Turjanski

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