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ManvsMachine + Frame = TV3 x 3D

The London creative force known as ManvsMachine recruits Copenhagen’s Frame to execute a series of striking 3D idents using stills, LIDAR and sweet rendering for Denmark’s TV3 relaunch. According to Frame: “They wanted to have a magazine-like quality to the pictures of beautiful Danish homes getting flooded by TV3 logo balls.

“Since the idents of course had to be live action spots but needed to have this interior mag-like quality, we needed to do things a bit different. Realizing we would never be able to achieve this look with lights and live action cameras, we devised a plan that would consist of a world class interior photographer, a team of German LIDAR (3D scanning) guys and interior stylists.

“By projection mapping the beautiful Photoshop’d stills onto the 3D scans, we could move around inside the stills as if we had a live action camera. The balls were then simulated, rendered and composited into the shots afterwards using a mix of Maya, Cinema 4D, V-Ray and Nuke.

Concept, Design & Creative Direction: ManvsMachine
Production/Direction//VFX: Frame
Still Photography: Thomas Loof
Music & Sound Design: Box of Toys Audio

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