Menno Fokma and Floris Vos are “Golden”

For their first music video project, Dutch creative duo Menno Fokma and Floris Vos submerge Laura Jansen’s “Golden” track in a dreamy mix of live action and organic CG.

Menno: “We were approached by Laura after she saw my latest showreel. There were a few specific shots that she liked a lot and would build a video upon: CG feathers on a womans face, motion tracked too keep in place. It was independent work created for my showreel hoping that somebody would pick them up.

“But these shots were just 3 seconds and the Golden track was 3.30 min. So we’re pitching on an treatment with this shots in mind. We thought about the transformation the artist made in comparison with her first album. From a lovely small girl safely behind the piano to a grown up expressive woman. Feeling one with her personality and express this to the world around her. We wanted to use a lot of flora and fauna reference while we wanted to show her growth in an organic and abstract way.

“We partly accepted this quite low-budget job because we wanted to challenge the production process. Merging cg with live action and working on set with a singer. Besides we had the urge to extend our style in this area. We’ve done a lot of fully cg animations in the past but wanted to move into a live action direction. Transforming from animators into directors. Quite a thrill.

“But once you’re shooting you experiencing a lot of things you can’t prepare. That’s the safe thing about the computer, you can sit back and think about it and redo it a dozen times. For example working with cloth can be a real pain in the ass. We added some tracking points and markers on the body/face of the singer but in the end it turned out that we didn’t had to use them at all.

“Besides the main shoot with the singer we did a miniature shoot as well. We worked together with Heyniek, a material and fashion expert. He created the cave from old mattresses and was experimenting with paint and dry ice to get nice effects.
Such a great way of working when you have the set build and stuff bubbles, smoke etc. You can shoot it from every angle and create a lot of useable material in a short amount of time (in comparison with 3d animation).

“We worked on the post for approx 2 months. While there wasn’t much budget Floris and I did 90% of the work.
We approached many people and a lot of guys were interested and started probono working on some parts. But while the whole image language is quite specific, and we hadn’t time to sketch everything in advance, we did a lot ourselves in the end. Challenging was to combine the live action with cg and let it blend smoothly.

“Finding the boundaries of the amount of layers in after effects was the solution. Adding lots of dust, particles, flares etc, to composit it properly. We’re happy to use a renderfarm for the first time. So relieving then send some heavy renders away and get some slick images back!”

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