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Mill+ for We Are Shining ‘Wheel’

If you’re in the mood for a jolt of visual overload, this new maximalist work from Mill+ for London duo We Are Shining should do nicely. The trippy and impossibly dense piece directed by Carl Addy and cut by Will Barnett, weaves a disparate flurry of stills and video into gifs layered with VFX, design and hand-drawn animation.

Carl Addy: “Our inspiration behind this promo was the idea of modern tribalism, using visuals in the same way that the band appropriates audio samples. We wanted to make a Tumblr as a video to show their influences and inspirations yet with a cleverly weaved narrative.”

For Mill+
Director: Carl Addy
Illustration: Carl Addy, Simon Landrein
Design: Alexandra Pelham
Editor: Will Barnett
Colourist: Houmam Abdallah
AFX: Matt Whitewood, Kwok Lam, Markus Nogueira Rosen

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