MPC and Bjoern Ruehmann Climb Aboard “Thomas”

The happy hallucinations of a mild-mannered (but obviously well medicated) commuter spring to photo-real life in this new Dell spot courtesy of Furlined director Bjoern Ruehmannthe and the formidable 3D character and VFX skills of MPC who used their proprietary Furtility software to create CG hair, fur, and feathers.

MPC CG Lead Bill Dorais: “Our priority was also researching anatomy to capture a perfect, believable look. For the toad we were trying to get the blinks to look correct, giving him a nictitating membrane, a thin skin that covers the eye. Our philosophy going into this was that the more details we added, the more believable the piece would be.”

Making of:

Client: Dell
Spot Title: “Thomas”
Air Date: February 2013

Agency: Y&R, NY
Executive Producer: Craig Jelniker
CCO: Jim Elliott
GCD: Jim Radosevic
CD/AD: Fern Cohen
CD/CW: Margot Owett

Production Company: Furlined
Director: Bjoern Ruehmann
DOP: Roman Vasyanov
EP: David Thorne
Line Producer: Leah Fleischman

Editor: Work Edit
Editor: Rich Orrick
Assistant Editor: Healy Snow
EP: Erica Thompson

Head of Production: Derek Macleod-Veilleux
Production Assistant: Lindsay Myers
VFX Supervisors: Gigi Ng, Bill Dorais
2D Lead: Gigi Ng
Nuke Lead: Alex Harding
Nuke: John Laughlin, Craig Sylvester, Sang Lee, Carl Fong, Mikael Petterson, Kelly Bruce
CG Lead: Bill Dorais
Animators: Grae Ravell, Anderson Ko, Ross Scroble, Jacob Fradkin,
Modeller/Rigger: Andres Weber
Lighters: Susie Hong, Corey Langelotti, Jimmy San, Ross Denner, Grahame Curtis
Concept Artist: Andrew Brooks
Designers: Rob Modini, Colin Hess
Any Other credits: Stefano Salvini, Murali Krishna

Color Grading: MPC
Colorist: Adrian Seery
Color Assistant: Dan Silverman

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