A while back on this site there was cause for rejoicing because legendary CG animal wranglers Rhythm & Hues had landed the gig to take over the much-maligned Nasonex bee from Neal Adams’ Continuity studios. Well, the new bee has arrived and it’s time to compare. I’d love to hear what you think.
Watch the original bee
Watch the new bee
More from R+H on production of the new bee here.

nasonex_adams.jpgnasonex_rh.jpg*3D geek note: The R+H team includes Bill Kroyer as animation director. He changed the way a whole generation of people thought about the combination of computers and characters in 1988 with his Oscar-nominated short "Technological Threat".

34 Responses to “NASONEX BEE 2.0”
  1. mr. pants says:

    i kindof miss the old linear ghetto 1.0 bee, the 2.0 bee is just showing off how smooth and perfect he is.. the old bee was more honest and trustworthy. ..really great job by R+H tho, go buy some Nasonex now!

  2. Andrew_H says:

    all of my prayers have been answered!

  3. atronabot says:

    they should have just killed him off.
    there are at least 6 better ways to sell a nose spray without using a cg bee.

  4. crackcode says:

    a bit of selfcirticism wouldnt make it vorse

  5. buford says:

    bit too sims….

  6. sundevit says:

    both bees suck, seriously.

  7. dzolan says:

    it’s still a turd…but now it’s polished.
    the best 3d in the world won’t save a poor concept.

  8. stalefish says:

    Well, the concept definitely changed. I like the original concept where the Bee actually had the allergies. The original commercial had a sense of humor (albeit lame) that the new one lacks. The new version just seems really limp. I kept waiting for them to up the ante on the humor/story telling as well as the CG. Regardless, I remember watching this commercial for the first time and thinking, "oh man, that’s really bad!". Yet, here I am typing all this crap about this commercial. Does that mean it was a success? This reminds me of when companies recently started making their logos look 3D, shaded and glossy.

  9. jim johnson says:

    they made something so not good out of something so unbieliebabaly terrible good job RH

  10. wahinemc says:

    I’m trying to figure out why the bee has an accent.

  11. crackcode says:

    """they made something so not good out of something so unbieliebabaly terrible good job RH"""

    /is "so not good" a reason to stick a nose in clouds and feel yourself proud like supermanRH?

  12. drypants says:

    The bee still sucks. And I agree, whats up with the accent. Only the deep pockets of pharma would even consider such a waste of cash.

  13. Bruno says:

    Of course the bee should have a Latin accent. It’s in the great trdition of Bumble Bee man on the Simpsons! Of John Belushi as Juan the Killer Bee. Don’t all bees have Latin accents?

  14. Flairbrusher says:

    OF COURSE, the bee is supposed to have a Mexican accent. His sofa of course is made of real CORINTHIAN LEATHER,also, and he has an enemy named James T. Kirk (and a little fella named Tatoo… who rings a bell…)Great job on the revision. Sorry to say, but Adams’ CG bee looked a little too early 90’s. His Green Lantern still ROCKS, though.

  15. me says:

    who is the nasonex bee

  16. me says:

    who is the nasonex bee

  17. tom says:

    The R&H bee looks a little better, Just a little. Man, Neal Adams has been at the forefront of crap for his entire career, hasn’t he? You can’t teach taste.

  18. Olive Oyl says:

    I HATE the new bee. The original had such character and made me laugh. Those mechanical eyelids and the teeth cracked me up… This bee should run into a can of Raid!!

  19. bill says:

    theres no way there was enough time or budget to come up with a different concept. im sure the agency told rh what they wanted and that was that.. the article stated how short the deadline was. its better but its not great. sometimes you just gotta blame the client

  20. HateTheNewBee says:

    For one thing, the old bee’s accent sounded Mediterranean. As in, The Riveria or possibly eastern Iberia. (Iberia is Spain/Portugal for those of you geographically challenged).

    When I first saw the commercial, it annoyed me. Then, it grew on me. It actually convinced me to tell my spouse to tell her doctor she’d like to try Nasonex for her allergies. Just because I loved the bee.

    The first bee made me smile. He looked one-of-a-kind. I really miss the first bee.

    The new bee? He doesn’t need to have a Mediterranean accent. How about a 1930’s Brooklyn accent. Maybe he should be some wiseguy named Pauly or Vito.

    The new bee stinks. He’s ugly. He scared my old lady’s little nephew. I can’t even watch the commercial now, lest I forget the old bee I loved. And Nasonex? You can "fugettabout" me asking the doctor for what your new ugly bee is trying to sell.

  21. B says:


  22. C.Zevallos says:

    The original Nasonex bee was one of the most original characters devised in commercial CGI.

    Those armchair critics are leveling their jealous comments on a man who is a legendary comic book artist who has now branched into CGI.

    Keep up the good work Neal!

  23. Thap says:

    The voice doesn’t fit the the bee in the 2.0 one. sorry but it doesnt.

  24. Nick says:

    ‘I have returned my flower – a changed bee’. Yup he changed alright. I like the original bee – and I preferred his eyebrows on his antennas.

  25. SA says:

    I think the original voice was Antonio Banderas. What do you think?

  26. fred miller says:

    I didn’t realize I liked the old bee until I saw the awful new one.

    The original Nasonex bee had this wonderfully hokey Maurice Chevalier overdone French accent. It must have offended the French because they toned it down.
    Why should we care if we offend the French? They don’t care if they offend us.

  27. dhill says:

    My 10 month old stops everything he is doing and watches your commercials because of the bee! He loves it, I just wish I could find a bee that would look and talk like him so far NO LUCK!!

  28. Nanjo says:

    I do NOT like the new bee. I much preferred the darker eyes and face that was rounder and little feet that looked like insect feet – not like human limbs in black gloves/socks.

  29. RonZoni says:

    Both bees were wrong. The first one had that cheesy French accent. Since we have come to understand that the French don’t like us Americans,(even though the USA military fought and died and got them their country back from the Nazi’s) I didn’t like the that accent at all. Now,the bee has a latino or mexicano accent. Sure. Why not. There is supposedly 12 million unaccounted for, illegal mexican aliens floating around vegetation all over the USA, We might as well make them feel comfortable. Maybe the next bee will be Polish. Just remember, this is AMERICA damn it !!! How about an American accent?

  30. penelope says:

    Man, is THIS a great country, or what? People here (myself included) actually have time, and the inclination to discuss a silly commercial character. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  31. BEE Killer says:

    You guys need to get a hobby! Who cares who the freakin bee is! Join facebook or something losers. Facebook is pretty gay too, but at least more people are in that group and it seems somewhat reasonable.

  32. Ralph Relton says:

    When that dreaded commercial appears,
    I get the feeling I need to press "one" for English.

  33. Steve Stanton says:

    Betcha they would have used a Russian accent for that bee
    during the cold war era! I refuse to buy that product.

  34. What’s all the uproar? First of all, the original bee did NOT have a French OR a Mexican accent. BOTH bees (1.0 and 2.0) are voiced by Antonio Bandaras – he’s from SPAIN. Whoever it was that mentioned the Mediterranean accent was the only one who was correct.

    I’m sorry, but this country IS in a sad state of affairs when the first inkling of a Spanish accent makes people start ranting and raving about illegal immigrants.