Oskar Wrangö Smokes Out Rdio

Up to now, Rdio’s series of weekly new music art spots consisted of brilliant but bite-size 15-second confections. That changed yesterday with the release of this minute-long piece mixing ambitious in-camera effects and digital post from innovative Swedish director Oskar Wrangö for the Alt-J track Dissolve Me (Ben Lovett Remix).

Wrangö: “Great music always takes my imagination to new and interesting places. With this song, I envisioned a fragile and special visual character.

“We hired one of Sweden’s best prop makers. He made a special costume with a tube system inside to spread out all the smoke. We built up pressure inside the costume then the smoke went out thru a textile layer and then a batt layer. We connected the smoke machines with tubes and fans to fill the costume, then we edited them out in post. We also filmed smoke plates separately and added smoke on top of the costume in post in some shots.”

Produced by It’s Showtime.

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