Patrick Clair Lays Out Obama’s Choices

Sydney’s Patrick Claire, one of the planet’s most in-demand infographic designers, just released this austerely beautiful but unnerving film for the Brookings Institution think tank in Washington about the opportunities and perils of Obama’s second term.

To my mind Claire strikes a wonderful balance: the restricted pallet and lack of extraneous elements or motion keep us focused on the serious nature of the content while the tastefully kerned typography and smart transitions ensure our interest thru an otherwise dry three and a half minute foreign affairs and energy policy briefing.

“Brookings Institution, the leading Washington-DC based think tank on US Foreign Policy, asked Antibody to help create their 2013 briefing on upcoming challenges the US government faces overseas. The briefing, targeted at President Obama and White House staff, covers the major factors that will shape the President’s second term.

“The video highlights the most critical opportunities available to the administration, while also considering the potential impact of unexpected crises.
Antibody is honored to be working with senior US policy advisors, and we’re proud to see our work contributing to a project that will have real impact on international relations over the next four years and beyond.”

You can learn more at:

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