Pixelstick: Join the Light Painting Revolution

Only 13 days into the kickstarter campaign for their magical light painting kit called Pixelstick, Duncan Frazier and Stephen McGuigan (aka Bitbanger Labs in Brooklyn) have raised over 3.5 times their goal of $110K.

The reason for the enthusiasm? Pixelstick yanks light painting forward into new, seriously disruptive, WTF territory, just begging for artists, photographers and designers of all genres to experiment with it.

Here’s how it works: “Pixelstick consists of 198 full-color RGB LEDs inside a lightweight aluminum housing. Pixelstick’s brain, a small mounted box, reads images from an SD card and displays them, one line at a time. Each LED corresponds to a single pixel in the image.

“The images themselves can be from 1 to 198 pixels tall and many thousands of pixels wide. The handle is perpendicular and has a secondary aluminum sleeve, allowing pixelstick to spin freely. Pixelstick uses 8 AA batteries. Throughout testing we’ve used Sanyo Eneloop and Amazon rechargeable to great success, never requiring more than one set for a long night’s shooting.”

As for the video: “Everything was shot by just two slightly sleep deprived guys and one Pixelstick in Brooklyn.
Shot on a Canon 5d mkII with Canon 17-40mm f/4L and Canon 24mm f/1.4L II.”


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