Platige Image Says F**k U to Cancer

The Archive track “Fuck U” provides the soundtrack as a CG piggy bank and an evil crayfish battle to the death in this jaw-dropper PSA for cancer research with VFX by Platige Image.

A little background from the agency DDB, Warsaw: “Alivia is an Oncology Foundation that believes in Poland the most important missing factor in the fight against cancer is money. In our non-for-profit campaign, we followed the road less travelled. Instead of the cliché route of ’emotional blackmail’ we chose to empower people, to give them hope and show them that cancer is something you can fight and conquer.”

And just to keep things interesting, here’s the same CG battle appropriated for a fan-made remix of the Loadstar song “Second Skin.”

ALivia: Money Can Defeat Cancer
Advertising Agency: DDB, Warsaw, Poland
Creative directors: Zuzanna Duchniewska, Maciej Waligóra
Art director: Maciej Twardowski
Copywriter: Micha? Desowski
Project manager: Katarzyna Seyfried
Account: Magdalena Ró?ycka
Script: Maciej Twardowski, Micha? Desowski
Postproduction house: Platige Image
Director: Damian Nenow
Art director: Kamil Pohl
Concept art: Kuba Jab?o?ski, Rafa? Wojtunik
Rendering supervisor: Micha? Gry?
Compositing: Manuela Balk, Dennis Nikolayenia
Producer: Justyna Supernak
Sound director: Jakub Pietrzak / studio Box Postproduction
Music: Archive / “Fuck you”

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