Platige Image “Ryse: Son of Rome” Cinematic

Platige is on fire this month: hot on the heels of last week’s UN “Tyrant” spot, the Warsaw CG powerhouse just released this cinematic recounting the Legend of Damocles for the upcoming Xbox One game Ryse: Son of Rome via German game developer Crytek. The film and its complex painterly 3D look (based on production paintings by director/AD Jakub Jab?o?ski) took five months to complete.

CG Supervisors Andrzej Sykut, Selim Sykut: “Traditionally rendered 3d objects with painted textures still look like 3d objects. So in our quest to break away from the 3D look we made some of the surfaces multi layered, to show some parallax in motion, and added lots of sprite-based particles to some surfaces. The blood simulations benefited from those sprites as well.

“Then we used simple, but rarely used hard shading – with very sharp boundaries between light and shade. To slightly soften the results, we often used area shadows. This all works in conjunction with our textures, containing baked in soft lighting.

“Usually, it’s a wrong thing to do – but not this time. Finally, in the compositing stage, for selected frames, we often used paint-overs by Jakub, and tried to match them as closely as possible. In the end, the way it looks is a blend of many, usually very simple and often old school techniques.”

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