Just got home from the Webbys. Very fancy and seamlessly produced event despite the hoard of smug guys in Prada suits sporting those very horizontal glasses that only gallery owners used to wear. Mark Cuban didn’t show (something about the NBA finals blah blah blah) but Prince did and wow if that man doesn’t weigh 95 pounds and stand 5 foot nothin’. Of course a 50 year-old drunk white guy had to rock out at the edge of the stage flashing what I assume were supposed to be gang signs at the tiny man as he played. Anyway, blabbering now, just thought I’d point you at the double winner of the Netart category (Webby Award and People’s Voice Award), a site that has spawned a book and touring gallery show. Nice idea. Very cool results. 


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  1. I found the website/blog a while back and was hooked-in for at least an hour, and have told a lot of people about this. Recently, in an Urban Outfitter in New York (or was it San Francisco?), I saw the books stacked to the ceiling. No doubt, a great idea, and worth checking out….

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