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Psyop Zooms Thru Toshiba’s Encore

Psyop and McCann help Toshiba battle the iPad Xmas factor with a surreal and painterly dive through four fantasy-fueled worlds using 3D cameras and matte paintings to create a fractal zoom.

Psyop co-director Fletcher Moules: “We worked to define four key themes of the tablet to be characterized throughout the spot: film and music, productivity, gaming and connectivity. We wanted to articulate each function in a way that was fun and silly, yet informative and worked well with our overall design concept. There is a lot to see in this project and we needed to be sure to strike the balance between content and viewing speed. We hope audiences will find something new every time they watch it.”

Psyop directors: Kylie Matulick, Fletcher Moules

One Response to “Psyop Zooms Thru Toshiba’s Encore”
  1. Duppy says:

    Adventure time much? or Superjail for that matter…