Two Reasons to get Face to Face with James Kuhn

American artist James Kuhn (who describes himself as “an artist, retired drag queen, whiteface clown, former nudist, born again Christian, average 46 year old guy) likes to paint his face. A lot.

According to the band’s YouTube site, the story of this video (for the Young Rivals track “Two Reasons” goes like this: “The band discovered the blog of Michigan artist James Kuhn via reddit in the Fall of 2011. They e-mailed him to ask if he’d be willing to collaborate on a music video, and he said yes.

“The band was physically mailed CDs over the few months that contained 25 videos of lip-synched performances by Kuhn, which they edited into the final video.”

James, if you’re reading this, we’d love to see some behind the scenes video or at least outtakes.


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