Shilo Storms the Beaches with “Viking” (Director’s Cut)

The new “Viking” exhibit installed this June at The National Museum in Copenhagen includes these two visceral :60 films conceived and created by Shilo and Stuttgart experience designers Atelier Brückner.

Shilo artists first created the matte paintings then a Flash artist animated each frame by hand and gave their sequences to designer/animators, who imported the Flash files into Photoshop and added hand-painted textures over the original animation. Those sequences were then rendered, imported and composited using After Effects.

Agency: Atelier Brückner GmbH
Producer: Cord-Hinrich Grote
Production Company: Shilo
Director: Tom Green
Creative Director: Tom Green
Matte Painting: Chris Brock, Donald Yatomi, Ed Li, William Dely
Character Designer: Joe Kennedy, Alex Mandrajiiev
Designers: Tae Kim, Ann Kruetzkamp
Editor: Frederick Ross
2D Lead: Jahmad Rollins
2D Animation: Jamal Otolorin, Laura Yilmaz
3D Animation: Justin Miller
Compositing/Texturing: Stephanie Corda, Vlad Guskic, Brian Do, Tom Green
Storyboard: Mark Pacella
Writer: Dave Bourla
Producer: Hayley Underwood
Director of Production: Cary Flaum
Executive Producer: Arthur Portnoy
Music Company: ECHOLAB
VO Artist: Jan Waldekranz

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