Smith & Foulkes Reteam with Honda


Long ago – back in the age of DVDs – Smith & Foulkes’ breakout Honda “GRRR” spot graced the cover of Stash 03. This morning, the London directing duo return with another elaborate and smile-inducing 3D fantasy for Honda thru W+K London with animation by Nexus.

Smith & Foulkes: “We wanted our hero to be a very simply designed character contrasting with a highly complex world. We used layers of particles to immerse him in a mysterious dreamlike space. Our 3D team were somewhat annoyed when they realised just how much of their painstaking background work ended up completely shrouded. But its nice to know its there.”

Watch Honda “This Unpredictable Life”

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy London, Production Company: Nexus, Directors: Smith & Foulkes, Animation: Nexus, Compositing: Time Based Arts, Sound Design: Aaron Reynolds @ Wave, Music: Bruno Coulais

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