Stardust Launches Falcon

Stardust just announced the first three signings to Falcon, their new “global, creative collective and integrated talent arm:” Neon, Assembly and Abdel Abanomous.

Collider attendees will recognize London creative boutique Neon as the creators of the epic Collider conference opening titles that premiered in New York on June 10.

Stardust Managing Director/Partner Dexton Deboree: Falcon was born out of a confluence of ideas and answers to an evolving industry. “Falcon is equal parts creative curiosity and practical solutions to our current and future business.

“The re-invention of Stardust in this particular moment in time has brought up a wealth of discovery. As the industry re-defines itself on an almost perpetual cycle these days, we find ourselves at a precipice of change, which knows no bounds, but also knows few patterns, less givens and many, many opportunities for exploration and discovering the unknown. To us, that’s very exciting, rather than scary. But, setting up a business around that is a challenge.

“Falcon allows us to expand our creative reach, talent pool and service offerings to our clients in a way that Stardust alone could not do, not today and not tomorrow. Less than a simple opportunity to represent amazing talent, it’s more of a chance to unite, collaborate and create a force of creative energy that grants our clients a wealth of expansive and eclectic creative solutions within a known entity.”

“Falcon represents the most exceptional talent from around the globe,” adds Stardust Director/Partner Seth Epstein. “Personally, I am excited to see the synergies (which are already happening) for our clients. It allows Stardust to continue to be amazing with design centric projects while embracing projects outside our scope of perfection, like heavy CG, Character Animation or VFX, via Falcon.”

“We couldn’t be more excited about joining Stardust’s new roster, and finding a new home in the U.S.,” says Tom Bridges of Neon. “We’re looking forward to working closely with Dexton and Seth, learning from their vast experience, and continuing to create better and better work.” It was Neon that designed the Collider opening title sequence, which introduces all of the speakers and panelists for the three-day conference.

The team at Assembly are equally thrilled to be signing with Falcon for immediate representation in the U.S. “For us, this is the culmination of years of conversations and shared philosophies. We always knew we would work with Dex in some capacity one day. It was just a matter of timing being right. Having the added benefit of already being friends and collaborators, it really feels like we’re hitting the ground running with Falcon. Formalizing our relationship with such an amazing brand and company just gives us that extra boost of confidence to deliver our high level of work across the Pacific.”

“Right after its birth, my inspiration crawls to Stardust to feed on dedication, craft and intelligence,” comments Abdel. “Feeling at home and cared for; it grows wings and transforms into great work. Just like every natural phenomenon, the collaboration between me and Stardust is as logical as it is magical.”

With the formation of Falcon, Stardust creates a body of talent and services which clients can count on for a truly diverse range of offerings without the risk of trying unknown teams in unproven situations. With Stardust production offices in New York and LA, all of its partners have the ability to work local on either coast on any project with a wide range of creative solutions.

“We’re very excited by the immense talent present in the three partners we are launching Falcon with,” concludes Stardust’s Deboree. “All of them share the same vision of service, spirit of collaboration and strive for creative excellence. We look forward to a long and healthy future together; and believe each of them has their own unique voice and value to offer our industry.”

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