Stash Latin America 2

We at Stash are proud to present Stash Latin America 2, another massive collection of outstanding animation, visual effects and motion design talent from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Puerto Rico. This new collection delivers exclusive interviews, creative and techical insights, PLUS 96-minutes of incredible videos from 36 studios.

Stash Latin America 2 includes the work of: Vetor Zero, Clan VFX, Oca Filmes, Cluster Studio, Zebra Studio, Barraca Post, Bleed VFX, Bluff, Superestudio, VĂ¡scolo, 3Delivery, Canas Verdes, Flamboyant Paradise, Neo DG, Malditochroma, Steinbranding, Cartel Graphics, Tribbo Post, Nove9, Predominium, Leyenda, Grymo, 1-1-Once Post Lab, Domo Animato, Dr. Pepe, Mompozt, La Flama, Oxido, Pleylab, Basa, Memoma Studio, M-Studio, Magma Creations, Tosta, Tunche Films, and Render Room.

Watch and read all of Stash Latin America 2 online right here.

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