superdeux bshit

Limited edition tees for the new Bshit project from Brooklyn’s Superdeux. The six designs were produced by guest designers Skull dezain from Japan, 777Run from France and Grotesk from the USA. A toy is due soon.

snapz pro xscreensnapz002.jpg 

7 Responses to “superdeux bshit”
  1. umanoid says:

    actually superdeux is from Paris or just outside of…not Brooklyn.he did live there briefly until his visa ran out.

  2. El Pollo Masculino says:

    umanoid is a bitter old man who has nothing better to do than expose people. he is angry and mean.

  3. umanoid says:

    el pollo masculino is a girl. who cares what he thinks..and yes i am bitter and mean.i like it like that.I’m like a cup of coffee thats been brewed a little too long.

  4. El Pollo Masculino says:

    everyone knows that when you brew coffee for too long it smells terrible. uma-hemaroid.

  5. umanoid says: suck and i hate you

  6. El Pollo Masculino says:

    hater….marry me?

  7. umanoid says:

    ok..i will.just kidding no i won’t.maybe…