Superplus Reveals The Soul of Design for 13&9

Austrian design label 13&9 wowed attendees at the Wanted Design event in NYC with this riveting brand film designed and directed by Hauser & Miller aka Superplus Studio in Vienna.

From the directors: “We wanted to capture the contrasts found in 13&9 design (man/woman, black/white, angular/curved) and present them timelessly in the video, reducing the broad product range to the very core of any design, namely points, lines and surfaces.

“We knew early on that instead of taking the usual approach of relying on post production techniques we wanted to work with typography, graphic design and animations live on set. As a result, creating these projections and carrying out the tests and rehearsals was the most important and time-consuming part of the collaboration after the concept phase.”

Check the behind the scenes here.

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