Artist: Roman RüttenStudio: 1stAveMachine Info from Rütten: “Co:Colective invited me to do a pitch for a spot for Shaklee and present my vision on how we could do the information graphics while we have interviews with users. I decided it would be great to have all the graphics actually happening inside their environment. “So they […] [Read more]

Artist: Aras DarmawanStudio: Netra Info from Darmawan: “At a point where I was tired doing pitch in advertising, I initiated Netra with friends back home and pitched an idea of using interactive motion graphics as collaboration to Indonesian art/dance community. After couple of emails and Skype calls, they are very excited with our concept and […] [Read more]

Artist: Carlo De AgostiniAgency: Snatch Info: In 2008 one of the biggest magazine editor in Italy decided to establish a channel for children called DeaKids. The brand was very well known and appreciated from both parents – who feel safe about the educative contents – and the kids, who love the cheerful stories. The idea […] [Read more]

Artist: Kristian MercadoStudio: CharlexWebsites: / Info: This was one of the alternative directions I had pitched for an awarded project with HTC. I wanted to showcase all the work put into the design of the phone, by making it seem like a large scale production (in terms of scale and perspective). I wanted […] [Read more]

Artists: Kristian Mercado, Armand Serrano (sketches/storyboards)Studios: Charlex, Worlds Away ProductionsWebsites: / / / Info: The project and brief were really fun, it really allowed me to explore some interesting avenues and techniques. I wanted to build a huge machine to be an intense test for the wheel barrows. To get this […] [Read more]

Artist: Devon HosfordWebsite: Info: The challenge was to conceptualize two different design directions with the same concept for the television network “SyFy”. The assignment dictated that we create 6 style frames with 3 frames for each direction. In the first design direction, the approach was set to tackle the idea of impossible vs. possible […] [Read more]