Artist: Waldermar BorthWebsite: Info from Borth: “This project is a collaboration between Anna Logue and me to create a modern interpretation of Greek mythology gods The Hoares (Gods of Justice). “We want to bring it to live, but there is still one Godness missing, so it will take time. It’s one of my artistic […] [Read more]

Artist: James BakerWebsite: From James Baker: “After seeing a short film of mine titled ‘Hickory Dickory’, agency MaST approached me to design and realise a number of moving image sequences for a National Health Service microsite. The aim of this was to educate the general public about bacterial infection through anthropomorphised characters. Unfortunately, the […] [Read more]

Artist: James BakerWebsite: Backstory: Aniboom recently ran a competition with Sesame Street which invited creatives to make short educational animated films. These films were then considered as potential projects to develop for broadcast. The piece references gestalt pychology in a highly playful way, focusing on the unexpected optical tricks that occur when an audience […] [Read more]

Artist: Tokyo o’ClockWebsite: Backstory: Everything started 3 years ago when we met our friend RIZUMIK, a soul that expresses itself essentially through beatbox and percussion. Then we decide to prepare a videoclip for him, where the main idea was to do the best piece we can, to pitch more work like that! We didn’t […] [Read more]

Artist: Luis TorresStudio: La FlamaWebsite: Backstory: This pitch was made for the new show of Franco Dragone ” The House of Dancing Water” that is showing at the City of Dreams Casino in Macao china, Saatchi Hong Kong approach us to pitch this project via out reps in Canada Electric Company. The idea was […] [Read more]