Jack Morton Celebrates 75 with 14

To mark 75 years in the agency business, the Jack Morton crew invited 14 motion studios and artists to collaborate on this snappy self-congratulatory opus by having each one visualize a line from the script.

And just who were these esteemed studios and artists? Glad you asked: The talent includes Shotopop, Onesize, Cake, PlusOne, Tavo Studio, Thomas Valente, Beakus, Uli Henrik Streckenbach, Bliink, Jacques Parys, Cumi, Toxic, Fred & Eric, Floris+Menno with Box of Toys bringing the audio and sound design. [Read more]

Onesize college football | STASH MAGAZINE

Onesize Pitches Heroic Moments for FOX College Football

It’s no secret the Stash crew are big fans of concept art, especially those frames that resonate well beyond the pitch (regardless of whether they won or lost). Case in point: these adrenalin-fueled CG sculptures for FOX’s 2012 College Football season by Onesize in Amsterdam. [Read more]

Onesize Fits Jack Morton

Amsterdam’s Onesize reign in their signature 3D experimentation to create a vivid infographic message from Jack Morton Worldwide with London’s Box of Toys Audio on board for the track.

“This short was designed for Jack Morton’s Consumer Marketing and explains why human experience has now become the heart of social currency. It’s these experiences that give us something to talk about in the digital space. They breed consumer loyalty and word of mouth.” [Read more]

Onesize Interview

Remco Vlaanderen and the crew at Submarine Channel just published this carefully-constructed look into the lives and work of Onesize founders Kasper Verweij and Rogier Hendriks. The work covered is a few years old but the creative and production insights are timeless. [Read more]

GMUNK and Onesize Blast Open FITC Amsterdam

Expanding on the print campaign created by Brad Munkowitz (aka GMUNK) for FITC Amsterdam 2013, home town studio Onesize created these “Pyradical” and “pure disco” opening titles. Type font design: Brian M Gosset, Music/sound design: MassiveMusic. [Read more]