TANGE FILMS: “We Should Make Strange Things”

Words just don’t do justice to this curious and playful 3D music-driven film dropped in our inbox this morning by the TANGE FILMS motion graphics group in Toyko and based on drawings and design by Tadahiro Gunji.

I have no idea what it means but couldn’t stop watching so I’ll let directors Naoki Niwa and Tadahiro Gunji explain: “One day, Paisleyhead found himself adrift all alone on the quiet, open ocean. With a sudden gust of wind, Paisleyhead lost his favorite scarecrow, but the music that he plays carries a curious timbre that stimulates life… Now, surrounded by the new friends he has raised and Book that won’t wake up, the journey of this small brigade of performers takes them beyond the end of life to a brand new beginning.”

Music: MAS (penguin market records)
Director: Naoki Niwa, Tadahiro Gunji
Producer: Seiji Morishita
3D Director: Masashi Fukuta
Animation: Kimihito Kubo & TANGE FILMS
Drawings+Design: Tadahiro Gunji

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