This afternoon as I was browsing through the usual websites looking for new and exciting animation/vfx/design work (and just as my brain was starting to glaze over) I thankfully bumped into Anders Schoder’s "round house kick to the face" self-promotional piece for Dform.  I have no idea how old this is, but really good work will always be good, no matter when it was put on the shelf.


The last great self-promotional spot I saw was the stunning and wonderfully bizarre "Post Man" from Post Panic. The character design of a haz-mat suit and sandals alone warms my heart. Too bad the world needs money to move, because these two pieces acutely demonstrate how well things can work when you are your own client.


One more thing – If you’re a fan of Dform, there’s currently an interesting interview with Anders over at Digital Abstracts. Read it here.

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