The Bl:nd Vision of Audi


Seductive intro spot for Audi’s new family luxury A7 Sportback directed by Blind CD Vanessa Marzaroli whose Rorschach-induced Crazy music video for Gnarls Barkley served as a reference point for the agency.

Marzaroli: “Since the entire piece supposes the idea we can travel through an auto designer’s brain, that his creative process can actually be visually presented, our goal was to convey the connection between design inspiration and engineering. We endeavored to marry the fine, elegant lines of the car’s construction with relatable, organic and fluid elements representative of human tissue to show the mind’s own exploratory thought process.”

Agency: BBH, London, Production: Blind/Jelly London, Director: Vanessa Marzaroli, Design/VFX/Animation/editorial: Blind, music: Basement Jaxx

Watch Audi “Imagination”

One Response to “The Bl:nd Vision of Audi”
  1. I just think it’s good to see the industry slowly starting to come back to life, to me it shows promise