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Thiago Lima Sets the “Butterfly” Free

Sometimes it’s a thrill to be wrong. For instance, I was certain this calm, Dwell-moment animated short by brazilian director/animator Thiago Lima was a mix of live action and 3D and was happily sorting the shots into those two categories when I read the truth: The whole thing is CG. And possibly more impressive, every aspect of the film including the architectural design and the music was handled by Lima.

“When I was just a kid, I´ve been painting some butterfly in a nice way, the method consist in draw just in one side of the paper then close the both sides to have a mirrored image. The most common image was a butterfly.

“This thing keep in my mind until these days. I ever think about create some new architecture using this mirror idea to create a new image. A lot of kind of solutions passed through my mind but I never did, until now.

“I was really really tired to see the same kind of 3D architectural images: Box house on middle of trees or just lofts with same furniture. So I mixed this two problems and thought in a solution, using the butterfly main idea. It was just think ‘outside the box’.

“95% of the models was made by myself and the other 5% are premade models.”

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