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Timo Böse Opens Toca Me 2013

The recent (and sold out) Toca Me Design Conference in Munich started with this quiet and carefully orchestrated sequence of vignettes from Berlin director/designer/animator Timo Böse, “I filmed colorful still life arrangements with a RED camera and a motion control dolly and enhanced the compositions with some 3D elements.”

Director: Timo Böse
DoP: Timo Böse
3D: Julio Clavijo, Kay Tennemann, Markus Koos
Compositing: Timo Böse
Rotoscoping: Joana Huguenin
Set Extensions: Joana Huguenin
Produced by Lowerground – lowerground.com
Audio: David Kamp – davidkamp.de
Media Support: RED One Mysterium X by OMStudios Berlin – omstudios.de

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