Trizz Triggers More than Your Taste Buds

Director Oriol Puig and Trizz Studio create drama, emotion and a fair amount of desire with nothing but CG liquids and light for Galicia’s Renuage brandy.

“The concept stems from the experience you have during the first sip of Renuage. The story is visualised as a series of sensory moments, where the warmth of the spirit is triggered, then flows into tingles of orange energy on the taste buds, riding in waves and peaks of liquid and bursts of vanilla flowers – landing as accents of walnut.

Fusion CI provided special fluid smoothing, using high resolution meshes for preventing unwanted artifacts or ripping formations from appearing. Composition and grading was made on Smoke and treated with various live action vfx elements.” Music Alejandro Candela, Flow Studio. Other software: Real Flow, Smorganic Programming.

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