VW Golf GTI “Out Of This World”

Based out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, prolific director/animator/AD Kaism Lim works for many major brands but this 4.5-minute online opus produced thru DMG promoting the VW Golf GTI in China crowns his resume with completely over-the-top styling/editing/acting/blocking, etc. Check out the three-part BTS video as well…

Client – FAW-VW China
– Agency – DMG
E. Creative Director – Dan Mintz
Creative Director – Martin & Flip
Art Director – Lily & Caroline
Acc. Director – Orlaith, Li Kang
– Concept & Story Development – VFX team DMG
Story & Race Sequence – Kaism Lim
Concept Art Direction – Kaism Lim, Lock Yi
Concept Art Designer – Lock Yi, DB Gao, Cheeyen
Car Design – Kaism, Chee yen, DB Gao
3D Support – DB Gao, Lulu
Dialogue Script – Flip
Previz Editor – Liao Yong
— Film Production —
Director – Kaism Lim
1st AD – Jason Kirby
DOP – Danny Pope
E. Producer – Jason Kirby
Production Manager – Kyle Ching
Asst. Producer – Daniel Zhao, Sam Chee
Unit Production Manager – Ning Ning
Asst. UPM – Lao Zhu
Wardrobe – Connie
Set Decorator – Xiao Cai
On set VFX Supervisor – Cheeyen, CK Kong
On set VFX Supports – DB Gao, Allen, YC Huang, Lock Yi
Behind the scene video & photographer – Haiyan
– Post Production – DMG
Editor – James Teh
Post Producer – Yuan Fei
Compositor & 3D Animation – Lock Yi, DB Gao, Yin Chen, Lulu Zhang
– VFX Production studio – Huevisualab
Producer – Denise Tay, Sasha
VFX Supervisor – Matthew Ho
Lead CG Artist / Lighting / 3D Modeling / Effects Simulation – CK Kong
Lead Animator / 3D Modeling – Wubin Yow
3D Animator – Johnson Ling, Alexander Teoh
3D Modeler – Allen Yap
3D Tracking – Daniel Chia, Allen Yap
AE Compositor – Kelvin, Nas, Bruce, Ritchie, Yeu Jian
Nuke Compositor – Gideon, Skyler Leong
Previz Animator – CK Kong, Wubin Yow
– VFX Production studio – Passion Republic
Producer – Ng Aik Sern
VFX Supervisor – Koh Chong Cheng
3D Animator – Jason Pan Wei Yee, Seah Chin Yuan, Hoi Yee Sum, Sia Ding Shen, Aiken Tow Yong Chiang, Cheong Teik Mun
3D Modeling – Leong Chee Sang, Kok Yip Sun, Lai Meng Guan, Chu Ying Zhi
Lighting Artist & Compositor – Koh Chong Cheng, Hoh Wei Jie, Kok Yip Sun, Lai Meng Guan, Woo Kah Hoe, Cheou Boon Leong, Leong Chee Sang
Effects Simulation – Hoh Wei Jie, Cheou Boon Leong
Matte Painting – Johnson Ting Sin Yu, Tham Hoi Mun, Chu Ying Zhi
– Post Production – APV
Producer – Chen & Dave
Flame Artist – Cheeyen, Matthew Ho
Colorist – Iput
– Audio Production – Imaginex Studio
Producer – Jazzlyn, Michelle Kay
Sound Design, Edit, Final Mix – Wong
– Music Production – Stefan Z
Supervisor, Editor – Stefan Z
— End Of Credit List —

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