Warren Fu: The Killers “Miss Atomic Bomb”

Former ILM art director Warren Fu mixes 2D animation and live action to enhance The Killers poppy hooks with an appropriate fairytale vibe in “Miss Atomic Bomb,” his newest work thru Partizan. Yes, the video dips into serious cheese-land at times but hey, Mr. Fu designed General Grievous, so shut up.

And this just in…

Tim Burton reconnects with Winona Ryder and The Killers on “Here With Me” featuring star-struck actor Craig Roberts (Submarine). No heavy post work involved but there’s a wonderfully Burtonesque ending.

Read how the video came together in the Th2ng press release below the video…

Scripted and directed by Burton and produced by Hannah Cooper, Exec Producer at th2ng, the video was shot in various locations in Blackpool and features live performances by The Killers at the famous Blackpool Tower Ballroom and includes Winona Ryder in a starring role alongside Craig Roberts (best known for his role in Submarine), who plays her obsessive lover.

The team was put together by Tom Bird, creative director at The Killers’ label Mercury Records, who also directs through th2ng as “ Secret Agent “. Bird had previously worked with Cooper on videos for Amy McDonald and also Comic Relief, which starred Tom Jones and stars from Gavin & Stacey.

The project reunites the th1ng group with Burton as th1ng (animation and graphics) has created title sequences for many of his movies with titles designer Richard Morrison (Frankenweenie, Dark Shadows, Sweeney Todd, Batman).

Here With Me was written by Brandon Flowers with Fran Healy, front man from Travis. Flowers says he was “deliberately trying to write ballads” after noticing the bands he looked up to – U2, REM, Radiohead – all had them, but “we didn’t have any”.

Flowers gave the lyrics to Burton, who directed the band’s video for Bones (in 2006), and once again gave the director a free rein to let his imagination run wild. And he lets rip, serving up a slice of pure Gothic surrealism with a video that is both inspired by the song as well as takes its cue from Mad Love, a 1935 American horror movie; indeed, so much so, that Craig Roberts bears an uncanny resemblance to actor Peter Lorre’s equally obsessive character Dr Gogol.

Burton shot all the scenes in Blackpool over 14th and 15th days in November. Enlisting Winona Ryder Burton brings out some of the kooky, Gothic qualities that were acclaimed by audiences and critics in Edward Scissorhands and their earlier collaboration, Beetlejuice (1988), for her starring role on Here With Me.

Director: Tim Burton
Executive Producers: Hannah Cooper, th2ng, Derek Frey, Tim Burton
Production Manager: Alex Bedford, th2ng
Art Director: David Balfour
Director of Photography:Tom Townend
Editor: Chris Lebenzon

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