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Wolf & Crow Crush It for Skullcandy

Rising stars Wolf & Crow manifest the power of Skullcandy’s new Crusher bass-ridiculous headphones (that physically vibrate on your head) with help from Oklahoma City b-baller Kevin Durant and Grammy-nominated rapper Wale. W&C handled the full project, from concept, storyboard, live action shoot, VFX and final Flame finish at their Los Angeles studio.

The physical effect of the headphones rippling across Kevin Durant’s skull was created by “modeling Durant’s head, texturing the skin and matching the lighting, then layering in some compositing magic to finish.”

Track: Wale and French Montana remix of “We Back 2 Ballin.”

Director: Kevin Stein & Chad Howitt
Managing Director: Kevin Shapiro
Executive Producer: Eric McCasline
Producer: Matt Olson
DP: Bo Hakala
Editor: Jason Webb
CG Supervisor: Johnny Lum
Flame: Chris DeCristo
Lead Compositors: Kevin Stein, Chad Howitt
3D Artists: Jason Kim, Pota Tseng, Ben Yu, Mike Dupree, Wendy Klein, Richard Daniels, Marco Campobasso, Adam Swaab
Compositor: Travis Button
Colorist: Chris DeCristo

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