This cute ("cute like penguins") short film from Japan just won the Grand Prize at the 5th Independent Animation Festival last weekend. Bloomed Words Director: Amica Kubo, Seita Inoue Animation: Amica Kubo Sound: Masahiro Fujisaki More on the directors: Since attending the 2003 Nintendo Game Seminars they have participated in the design and production of […] [Read more]

kids = alright?

                Some people like lines so much that they spend all their time making lines on paper, other people like people so much that they decide to make their own small person and invite them to live in their home.  Somtimes the small people also start making things. […] [Read more]


  And now for your Tuesday morning dose of indie trip-hop, here’s the new morphing 3D objects music video for the track "Hater" by Various.Directed by Kandle Design, and from their website: "We like Various. Their music mutates styles from song to song. Could be dup step, folk or something in between. We wanted to […] [Read more]


Starduck – aka Madrid web, graphic, music, and motion designer Fernando Fuentes – unleashes an upredictable combination of styles on the updated site. New commercial work is in the WORKFOR section, edgier personal stuff is under DIGITAL FILMS.   [Read more]

Motion Theory finds out “What’s inside” sidney Crosby

Here’s the new Gatorade :60 from Motion Theory thru Toronto agency Downtown Partners – a highly realistic rendering of a few moments inside the neuro-chasm of Pittsburgh Penguin golden child and NHL scoring leader Sidney Crosby. Ambitious in scale and ideas-per-second with many cool hockey-centric details. Repeat viewings recommended. AGENCY: Downtown Partners/DDB  Creative Director: Dan […] [Read more]


From Barcelona, comes Isaak Fernandez Rodriguez‘s boxy take on the nocturnal caped crusader. Chapter 1: Help Me!! appears to be a personal project, but I’ll update this post once I know more about the film. As promised, here’s that additional info: The short is indeed a personal project, that began with the simple idea to […] [Read more]


Snap5 brings new life to SPEED’s Castrol Engine Block. Elements were shot in HD to give us the flexibility to zoom in and resize the bubbles in the oil. Both the SPEED and Castrol logos were projected onto the oil from boards with the logos printed upside and backwards so that they would project correctly. […] [Read more]


If you are anywhere near NYC this week keep March 29th open so you can check out the release party for the latest *smilefaucet DVD "Air". Last year’s event was packed so best to get your RSVP to by Tuesday Mar. 27. Where: Fontana’s, 105 Eldridge St. NYC, 212-334-6740 When: March 29th, 7:30-10:30 […] [Read more]