• Faming Simulator 19 trailer | STASH MAGAZINE

    Down on the Farm with Capsule Studio

    The uncanny valley got a little smaller this week with the release of a full CGI trailer for Farming Simulator 19 created by Paris photo-real specialists Capsule Studio for Giants Software. [Read more]

Festival Marvin 2018 Diego Huacuja | STASH MAGAZINE

Letting Loose for Festival Marvin 2018

The Festival Marvin in Mexico City slams together a hardcore mix of music, cinema, art, plus stand-up comedy and this promo video by hometown director/animator Diego Huacuja captures the irreverent undercurrent perfectly. [Read more]

Moving Colour “Spread the Love” for Land O’Lakes

Starting with a snappy script from The Martin Agency and crisp illustrations by Patricia Morales, LA animation house Moving Colour craft a clean and clever spot for Land O’Lakes butter. [Read more]

Change makers RNW media | STASH MAGAZINE

The Mission to Empower “Change Makers”

Lisbon creative shops HomemBala and AIM Creative Studios team up to promote the activism of Dutch NGO RNW Media helping young people “who live in fragile or repressive states find the information they need to make informed choices.” [Read more]

JamFactory FITC Amsterdam 2018 Titles | STASH MAGAZINE

FITC Amsterdam 2018 Titles by Gavin Strange

Legend has it, there are thirteen all-powerful artifacts, which, if acquired from their guardians, and wielded together as one, give the possessor untold and unstoppable creative power… [Read more]

Armour Del Amor short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Modern Love for Armadillos

In a pivot from their daily output of animated TV spots, director Kirk Kelley and the HouseSpecial crew apply their talents to a new wildlife documentary detailing the complex mating rituals of Dasypus novemcinctus. [Read more]

The Correct Insult animated short film | STASH MAGAZINE

The Funniest Explainer Ever: “The Correct Insult”

If you believe (as I do) that explainer videos as a genre have matured into a bland production commodity, you are going to love “The Correct Insult,” a brash and hilarious film by German motion designer Janis Aschberger. [Read more]

Sea Shepherd Neptune Navy | STASH MAGAZINE

L’Affreux Bonhomme for Sea Sheppard “The Neptune Navy”

Parisian motion design studio L’Affreux Bonhomme helps US non-profit The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society mark its 40th year defending the oceans and marine life with this brisk animated documentary. [Read more]


ACLU “Johnny’s Home” by Elyse Kelly

Washington DC director/animator Elyse Kelly, whose rousing “Fired Up” was one of my favorite animated shorts of 2017, creates another emotionally charged film with this work for the ACLU’s Campaign for Smart Justice. [Read more]