Designer George Tsioutsias and artist Theo Michael are TEAR, a new London studio to officially launch this September. Here is a romantic little video they did last year for unsigned band Ebony Bones called "Don’t Fart on My Heart"  – it  has received fest and Onedotzero love but was never actually released. [Read more]


The Promax/BDA conference wrapped late last week in NY. 2007 was a well attended, upbeat affair with a riveting keynote speech by Bill Clinton that left a certain attendee close to tears and damn near ready to save the world single handed. Anyway, that’s not the point. There were lots of good motion graphics on […] [Read more]


Few people can put together an motion collage like Swedish director Jonas Odell. The sheer density of ideas per second and the transitions between them raise this new video for The Hours up into the realm of mesmerizing. Odell, a partner in Stockholm studio FilmTecknarna and repped out of London by Nexus Productions, referenced Damien […] [Read more]

southern pingu trees

MTV have added two more spots to their collection of global warming awareness PSA’s. It seems MTV have really taken a stand to get you to help clean up our earth. Have a look for yourself. MTV Switch "Pet Penguin"Agency: Lowe, New York Director: No-Domain Production: Blacklist, New York   MTV Switch "Trees Breathing"Agency: Lowe, […] [Read more]


Not sure why I have a soft spot for PetPunk. I’m guessing it has something to do with how their sense of humor translates into fearless, unfussy and visceral images. That and I’m a closet Lithuaniaphile. The new reel is up and it is probably the first I’ve seen where all the work is reduced […] [Read more]

Concrete Surfing

Check out this Swatch TV spot to showcase their summer sport collection. According to HandsUp! GM Ofer Rubin "we used live footage of surfers composited in a 3D background and elements to produce a new extreme NY city surfing in the streets." Surf’s up! [Read more]


Helios in Toronto just wrapped this hilarious homage to the slasher flicks of the 70s and 80s for Vex. No two projects are ever alike from this crew, just check out the Ideazon and Nokia spots in their recent work section. It’s all broken glass, blood splatter and juice at Helios, I would hate to […] [Read more]

A beautiful mind

Fans of the Ecko brand will be excited to see that the fine people at Dorian Orange have tackled the question of what lies in the mind of Marc Ecko. The piece not only showcases the maturation of the brand but also keeps the Ecko roots intact. For more info on the project, including the […] [Read more]