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    Tendril Refreshes Space Channel

    CDs Chris Bahry, Alexandre Torres and the Tendril crew help Canada’s Space Channel go beyond their core demo of young men in search a broader (read female) audience with a stunning set of macro-world IDs. [Read more]

Collect project

Calling all animation artists around the globe, Collect Project is a worldwide "open source" animation effort that will produce a short film amongst a gathering of animators. Out of the 50 selected artists, each individual will be given 5 seconds of screen time to showcase their talents resulting in a 4-5 minute short film. If […] [Read more]


Matt Pyke and his Sheffield-based studio Universal Everything maintain an eclectic bloggish thing they call Everyone Forever full of wonderful weirdness including this ambitiously bouncy bit of video tom-foolery.  (As a rule Feed doesn’t link to YouTube ’cause it sucks and if you sleuth around a bit a better version of the video can usually […] [Read more]


Guru ripped all the pesky logos out of a sponsor sequence they did for a recent Boards mag event and created this polygonal parade of nonsense. Apparently aware the irony-soaked piece may be confusing, the Toronto studio sends along this blurb to help clarify: "Welcome to Mega Excellent City, a new place full of new […] [Read more]


Back in bitter cold days of February, our hearts were warmed by Russian director, animator, and toy designer Maxim Zhestkov’s stunning experimental self-promo film. And now in the last sweaty days of summer Zhestkov’s work is as cool as ever. Click here to watch and enjoy his latest film. [Read more]


Belgrade creative studio Fried Pictures does MTV and takes the term non sequitur to a whole new level. Watch Head Trip, Brain Damage, Bird and FM Top 20. [Read more]


New site, new work, classic ThreeLeggedLegs. Check out their new Amp energy drink trilogy for BBDO New York where stars of the XGames take on fire demons, ancient gods and the prehistoric, complete with extensive making of elements and a ridiculous behind the scenes gallery of images too. [Read more]


Director Edouard Salier of Paranoid helps make the point about the fun stuff you can fill your life with if you buy internet, phone and cable from giant (mostly monopolistic) corporations. Lots of great details in the dense graphics, especially like the Tivo’d muscle car flame out behind the couch. Agency = Leo Burnett Paris. […] [Read more]


According to the Hollywood Reporter, acclaimed commercial director Joseph Kosinski has just accepted the director’s chair for the remake of the 1976 sci-fi classic Logan’s Run. We at Stash are happy for Kosinski who also hit awards success this year with his machinima animated Gears of War spot. Since I have no video to post […] [Read more]