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    Royale and AKQA: Nike Colordry

    Nike’s new Colordry process bakes dry pigment directly into the fabric, effectively “reducing the water used in dying clothing to zero.” Definitely a step in the right direction eco-wise, but how does one make this dry-dye technique visually interesting?   [Read more]


Brazilian designer Marcelo Garcia did all the work for this strikinglyfresh experimental motion work. Marcelo is a director at Molhostudios. A link to the showreel HERE.  [Read more]


In Alfonso Cuaron’s latest filmic dystopia "Children of Men" the privilege of designing all the futuristic media screens throughout the cityscapes was granted to Foreign Office. They did a phenomenal job, especially with the seamlessly integrated ads that all strike a sort of false-optimisitc tone in a world that has pretty much gone to shit. […] [Read more]

mo/de for *ecko unltd.

mo/de in Chicago produces both the visual and music for these two nice bumpers for in-store and web. I think "DNA" is the stronger piece but that’s just me. Check out "The Niche" and "DNA: Court". [Read more]


Elegant dancing auto parts make a perfect fit for the 2006 Auto Trophy awards from German design/animation studio Sehsucht, whom I adore, but find myself still unable to pronounce. [Read more]

NTH Degree Job Opening

Nth Degree, New York City is seeking EXPERIENCED FREELANCE Sr. Animators and/or Designers. 5 years experience a must. Highly skilled in Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Ideal candidate will have strong conceptual and design skills and experience designing and/or animating on-air graphics packages for TV shows and networks. Candidate should have the ability to […] [Read more]


New work to graze on from Stockholm’s Kaktus Film: 1.Total re-branding for SkyOne, UK’s leading in-flight entertainment broadcaster; includes channel idents, colour palettes, a new Sky One logo, on-air menus, promo graphics and all off-air advertising. 2. This short film: Mega Robot Returns – anyone know anything more about this one? 3. And a 1 […] [Read more]

Sr Graphics Producer/Head of Production

Heroic, the L.A. based agency specializing in motion graphics for broadcast & commercials is seeking a senior producer looking to step up to running a department. Candidate must have… • 3-5 years experience producing motion graphics, visfx, live-action production, and editorial. • Excellent budget, and scheduling skills • Excellent management, communication, and problem solving skills […] [Read more]

Ceci n’est pas un skateboard

Remember that Nissan ad with the skateboard-car from a few posts back?  Remember how it made you crave more images of things which are not skateboards being treated as though they are?   Here’s a contender for best of genre.   Check out this stop-motion piece made by PES for Sneaux Shoes and let the doors […] [Read more]