Created by Hatch Studios Ltd. as part of the Autodesk Media & Entertainment showcase demo for Siggraph 2007. The premise was to create a sophisticated menu system displaying Autodesk’s various product lines. The video shown here contains only the 3D work, without the client footage since permission would have been required from each contributor. [Read more]


Anyone who keeps up with the work of Bent in Portland knows they’re always traipsing off into the unexplored wilds of animation territory, taming some new technique, hauling it back to civilization and making it dance for the masses. This latest project, a "super short animation series" by Jun seo hahm, is proof they are […] [Read more]

Archer ‘Money Sign’ Beck

Texas boys Archer$Beck are well known for creating their humorous and often times politically charged animations. You might have seen their work in "Waking Life" and "A Scanner Darkly", no big deal right? This time they are at it again with this word-less short that speaks loudly for Live Earth.  Archer$Beck – "Live Earth" Director: […] [Read more]


Fluorescent Hill the Montreal directors collective that is currently repped by Curious Pictures and made up of Mark Lomond, Darren Pasemko, and Johanne Ste-Marie have a big bowl of tasty new work up on their site. Two highlights: #1. new Burger King spot that looks to be inspired by vintage Sesame Street animation, #2. lonely […] [Read more]


Using agit-prop and animated poster graphics, Foreign Office hits all the right notes for their contribution to the new Black Panther political prisoner doc “In Prison My Whole Life” from Nana Films. Chomsky and Snoop, now that’s a socio-political Dream Team that could move mountains (I’m not kidding either). Check out the Foreign Office montage […] [Read more]


"Funny hip-hop video" is not a phrase you get to type often. This new Swizz Beatz video "Money in the Bank" from Syndrome is riding high on MTV at the moment. I want to believe it’s because of the biting social satire and graphical parody but then again I’m an optimist. [Read more]

Stash 36 releases today

What’s up Stash/FEED lovers? Our latest issue Stash 36 releases today around the world, and to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary we’re delivering almost two and a half hours of inspirational work, including a killer main program, behind the scenes extras, bonus MP3s, nine of the big winners from the Cannes Lions 2007 festival, and in […] [Read more]

CUT & PASTE 2007

Get your Wacom tablets ready, Cut&Paste 2007 kicks-off this weekend in Boston. The is the first event in a series of live design competitions slated for this Fall that will be happening in 11 cities around the world (all of which are listed down the right side of FEED). Eight designers have been pre-selected to […] [Read more]