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    Royale and AKQA: Nike Colordry

    Nike’s new Colordry process bakes dry pigment directly into the fabric, effectively “reducing the water used in dying clothing to zero.” Definitely a step in the right direction eco-wise, but how does one make this dry-dye technique visually interesting?   [Read more]

Louis-Philippe Eno

I never thought I’d miss Canadian winters but sweltering in 10000% humidity makes me long for the frigid air and frozen sidewalks of this video from director Louis-Philippe Eno for fellow Montrealers Malajube. Found via Cliptip. [Read more]


The finalists in the 2006 Global Student Animation Awards are now posted for your watching and scoring pleasure. This is your chance to play judge and help choose which of the 33 films should win the 2006 Audience Award. [Read more]

Qube Konstrukt’s fallopian frenzy

Austrailia’s Qube Konstrukt topped off their snappy 2006 campaign for the Toyota Yaris with this 3D :60 for cinemas and puts some stylized zip into the time-honored device of sperm racing to the unknown target. Check out the rest of QK’s Yaris work here. [Read more]


Not only is Anthony a very cool guy BUT his collective Ontwerp.tv holds some kick ass work which I advise you go check out now! [Read more]


New Sci-Fi Idents from Prologue! Hot! [Read more]

C-Channel From Design Association

What is going on here or even what the website is about is beyond me but Design Association’s C-Channel has video streams such as "Design Channel" and "Creators Channel" that feautre really well dressed, interesting people talking about very cool things. Not sure where else you can see an entire five minute dialogue about Takumi […] [Read more]


ESPN’s broadcast of X Games 12 should get a boost from these four promos including two from Psyop and two from Stockholm-based directors againstallodds through Psyop’s new production division called Blacklist who work with an international roster of animation and design talent. The philosophical copy from Ground Zero is a nice departure for the action […] [Read more]

Steinbranding book

Steinbranding have gathered the tastiest design work produced out of their Buenos Aires and Miami studios into a nice volume called “I got an idea out of a book”. I caught a peek at BDA this year and can vouch for the quality of printing and content throughout the 200 pages. Check the Steinbranding site, […] [Read more]