Upcoming Quay Brothers Film

The Quay Brothers / Zeitgeist films are set to release “The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes” later this year. [Read more]

Feed Newsletter

Hey everyone! We have made a Newsletter for Feed that you can find here (http://visitor.constantcontact.com/email.jsp?m=1011343788208). Sign up for some cool stuff like the best Feed articles, updates and special promotional codes. We actually will be shooting out a 10% off code for FITC later in the month so check it out. [Read more]


UK fashion light Alexander McQueen ended a recent runway show in Paris with this etheral sequence featuring a full-size virtual image of Kate Moss floating in a 10 foot high glass pyramid. According to the Glassworks site the project was "Shot on film and projected in HD, the illusion was achieved using an effect updated […] [Read more]

Shilo gets its Gap on

So what do you do if you haven’t broadcast a television spot in nearly a year? Well, if your Gap you pull together some of the hottest talent around and create a spot that features a track by Peaches’  called "Do Ya" (from her album Impeach My Bush — you gotta love that title) add […] [Read more]


Mattais Adolfsson’s sketchbooks open up a dreamworld that exists somewhere between Giovanni Piranesi prints and Terry Gilliam storyboards; detailed, demented and not at all boring. [Read more]


Just revisited these pop culture/advertising mash-ups by painter ben frost from Sydney, Australia. Check out just how complex, funny and disturbing they are when you take your time to visually dissect them. Sure would love to see them animated. [Read more]

Louis-Philippe Eno

I never thought I’d miss Canadian winters but sweltering in 10000% humidity makes me long for the frigid air and frozen sidewalks of this video from director Louis-Philippe Eno for fellow Montrealers Malajube. Found via Cliptip. [Read more]


The finalists in the 2006 Global Student Animation Awards are now posted for your watching and scoring pleasure. This is your chance to play judge and help choose which of the 33 films should win the 2006 Audience Award. [Read more]