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    Tony the Tiger is Back! Sort of.

    Based on a sketch by Leo Burnett art director Eugene Kolkey, Tony the Tiger hit grocery stores and the airwaves in 1951 and has since helped kids with all sorts of problems. Now, hoping to attract an older demo, Tony tackles work-related ageism with a 43-year old named Candy who admits, “she ain’t no spring chicken.” [Read more]


Seems like everyone is just dying to get their clothes off these days… Honda CRV "Dress For It"VFX by Animal Logic At first viewing, I thought there were several comped transitions between outfits – turns out the beefcake was wearing 2 outfits at a time and with 4 in total, only a single transition was […] [Read more]


The British Academy of Film and Television Arts usually displays exceptional taste in it’s choice of animated/vfx fare to recieve their prestigious British Academy Film Awards. Hardware handed out for the 2007 season included best animated feature to Happy Feet, best visual effects to Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and Pan’s Labyrinth for […] [Read more]

Pistachios animates the Crown for Bud/DDB

Blacklist directors Pistachios animates the five points of the new-ish brush-stroke crown logo into individual characters that have different episodes in the fictional “Crowntown”. This definitely seems geared towards the 20/30 somethings “office space” types. I enjoyed the improvisational sounding dialogue, editing and sound design. Only on the web/youtube for now… Visit Crowntown [Read more]


Street art sightings move up a rung with this fun installment in the life of Lepos, a little dude who’s not from here but certainly does get around. Watch the sighting. Check out Lepos’ full story here. [Read more]


It always seems like forever between big projects from Nexus wondermen S&F (Coke "Videogame" was last summer!) so I sustain my self on their minor works like this latest Valentine update in their series of spots for Orange Romania. [Read more]


New from Nemo Design out of Portland, OR – four :15 visual treats for the Nike vertigo campaign. Watch: Snow, Skate, BMX, Surf. This might just be me talking crazy – but did you notice the birds (seen or heard) in these spots? Now go check out Nemo’s logo on their website, there’s some nice […] [Read more]

Men of substance prefer the company of men of substance

 Guiness isn’t one of those thin girly drinks like apple juice or herbal tea or tap water or (insert generic American beer name here.)  Guiness is a beer of substance for men of substance…who only seem to like hanging around other men of substance.  Check out this pretty little spot out of studio aka and […] [Read more]


Not quite sure how I feel about this one. The CG looks really good sometimes and slightly off at others, possibly due to the slow motion shots, although I was truly impressed with the final pivot into the parking spot. What do you think? (my apologies for the YouTube link, so unclassy). Agency: TBWA – […] [Read more]