JWTwo is the in-house production facility of JWT in NY. They handle editing and animation assignments for the mothership as needed but they also recently broke out of the cubicle by starting The Nursery – a stable of animators, filmmakers, writers, and illustrators – as an experiment in creating non-branded content. Here’s the second and […] [Read more]


London directing duo Model Robot (a.k.a Jason Jameson and Sean Miles) have been busy boys of late. Check out their oddly low key yet happy open for the new Promo Mag (they also did the audio) and their new line of cuddly but way-homely toys. [Read more]

Flying ‘MOJO’ Machine

I finally got around to picking up an HDTV for my apt (37" LCD) and added an HD cable box to provide all that hi-rez goodness. Something I hadn’t seen before was INHD’s MOJO. It’s not a channel but a block that’s on a couple of nights a week. [If you’re into brewing beer (and […] [Read more]


UK directing duo Smith & Foulkes of Nexus Productions continue their winning streak while taking the piss out of violent video games in this brilliant musical send-up for Coke. Created in HD, the fully CG spot screens in cinemas from August  11th in the U.S. followed by television worldwide and took 15 weeks to produce. […] [Read more]


Plastic Kid, a.k.a. Danish graphic artist Jakob Printzlau, has been busy this year. Two pieces worth a look are his trash-covered contribution to the Dunny Show Copenhagen and an Artbreak for MTV France that reminds me of older Neasden Control Centre work (which I always loved). Check out all the Dunny Show Copenhagen creations here. [Read more]


Neill Blomkamp, the VFX golden boy of the advertising world is set to direct the new Halo feature based on the insanely popular XBox game. The screenplay was written by Alex Garland the author of "28 Days Later" and "The Beach." Dark Horizons reports that Guillermo del Toro was up for the challenge until he […] [Read more]


Get a snappy dose of Flash work in this trailer for the Sparkle Friends series from Aukland’s Mukpuddy Animation. Found via   [Read more]

Hello Pinthin

Jonathan Garin at Pinthin just sent over this delightfully psychedelic piece he and Naomi Nishimura created for Hello Kitty’s Secret House exhibition in Hong Kong. It’s called "Gifts of Dance and Magic Trance" wherein "Kitty Meets her new friends Panda and Panther. Traveling through mysterious forests and sunny beaches she discovers new hidden treasures.  Kitty’s […] [Read more]