Beware Of Pencil Face

Created by SCAD students Christian Simmons (director) and Josh Lind (producer), “Pencil Face” is an accomplished short film that resonates with some truly unsettling undertones. The eerie character was formed out of Sculpey clay and baked into the inlay of a giant no. 2 pencil with glass eyes that could be manipulated by removing his […] [Read more]


Design Intern [Read more]


3Ds Max Freelancer [Read more]

Inside DDT Studio

New from Pretty Cool People Interviews. [Read more]

Phon°noir My Paperhouse On Fire”

Since making that last post I’ve been searching around for something a little lighter, something offering a certain joie de vivre, something that doesn’t make me want to crawl back to sleep and pretend that Monday never really got started. Finally that something arrived, from Sebastian Haslauer and Sebastian Koch comes this new music video […] [Read more]

The Ballad of Mary Slade

Those who find themselves to be a tad squeamish from time to time are better off to avoid this short film from Robin Fuller. The stop-motion short film revolves around the love and life of a young woman as retold by the insects that decompose her body. Watch “The Ballad of Mary Slade” Found at […] [Read more]

60 Years of Peacekeeping

Nexus, SS+K, George Clooney give thanks. [Read more]