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    Zaoeyo Opens Pause 2017

    If, like us (and most of the planet), you were enthralled by the refractive magic of the spec title sequence “Organic Machines” by Beijing visual designer Zaoeyo (Xiaolin Zeng), then you’ll certainly appreciate his luminous all-CG opening for Pause 2017. [Read more]

The Mill, No Strings Attached

Combining early 90’s dance with vintage TV puppetry is a stroke of mismatched comedic genius near to the addictive absurdity of Cadbury’s Phil Collins gorilla. The spot which features Brains the geeky physicist from the eternally campy Thunderbirds series, comes from agency CHI with Ringen Ledwidge directing for Rattling Stick. Two-thirds of the marionette magic […] [Read more]

Digital Media Lab: Winning Eleven 2008

Straight from Digital Media Lab in Japan comes this new highly-stylized cinematic for the PS3 game Winning Eleven 2008. According to the project leader Keisuke Toyoshima, “In order for the actual game players to feel the same psyched up feeling as the soccer player before the match, we created a visual mixed with reality and […] [Read more]


Motion Graphics Intern [Read more]

“Hope” for Barack Obama

By Blacklist/Pistachios. [Read more]

Adam Gault “Living and Dying Part 1”

Animating Stefanie Augustine’s paintings. [Read more]

Tronic Goes Wide For Sony

New from Tronic is this HDx3 format animation for Sony Style retail stores. The extremely widescreen video is designed to play across three contiguous 52-inch Sony HD plasma screens. For Tronic this project exemplifies the perfect marriage of the aesthetic and conceptual. According to Vivian Rosenthal of Tronic, “we’re not interested in technology being the […] [Read more]

Run Wrake Takes Control

Maniacal new short directed by London’s Run Wrake and commissioned by Veer to promote their CSA Images collection of pulpy vintage 20th-century advertising cuts and American modernism lovingly assembled by the Charles S. Anderson Design Company. Watch “The Control Master” [Read more]

Fons Schiedon Finds His VOICST

Fans of Fonz may have been wondering where Amsterdam’s master of wacky as been lately but an email this morning reveals he was hard at work designing and directing a video for Dutch indie pop-rockers VOICST called “Feel Like a Rocket”. Hardcore Fonztv fans will find it more tame than his anarchy-inducing MTV work of […] [Read more]