• Bing Bong Eran Mendel_GIFs | STASH MAGAZINE

    Eran Mendel’s Bing Bong GIF Reel

    A fabulous 95-second collection of clever, bouncy, and carefully animated GIFs guaranteed to brighten your day courtesy of Israeli illustrator/animator and character magician Eran Mendel. [Read more]

Seed’s Animex Festival Opener

Revisiting 1960’s horror films. [Read more]


Motion Graphic Designer [Read more]

Branding Taiwan’s First HD Channel

Lots of prismatic detail shows off the promise of HD in this package from Taipei’s JL Design. Johnason Lo, CD/ MD: “For the brand packaging of HiHD, we took charge in giving the product its characteristics, name, slogan and parameters as we were very fortunate to gain the confidence of the client. Since this is […] [Read more]

Carl Krull Time-Lapse Art

Insightful look into the Danish artist’s work… [Read more]

CNN “Principle Voices”

Design/animation from Proud Creative. [Read more]

Motion Theory Packs FX for 02 Picnic

Motion Theory covers familiar ground in this new eye-catching spot for UK mobile phone corp 02. The overall concept is an admirable extension of their eclectic earlier work as seen in the ResFest panoramic from 2004. The agency on this was VCCP UK, with production handled by both Rokkit in London and Motion Theory in […] [Read more]

Tsujikawa Keeps it Weird for Cornelius

I wouldn’t expect anything normal from the acclaimed Japanese director Koichiro Tsujikawa – who most of us first heard of through his Getty Images’ Big Idea short film called “Eyes” . Well, the music for that little piece of hypnotic trippiness was done by Japanese recording artist and producer Cornelius. Which brings us to this […] [Read more]

The Observer “Book of Books”

New from Simon Robson, Nexus Productions. [Read more]