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    Overwatch: Embedding Action in Emotion

    The immediate success of Overwatch, Blizzard’s team-based multiplayer first-person shooter (and the company’s first new gaming franchise since StarCraft in 1998), is due in large part to a series of spectacular animated short films. [Read more]

True Facts from Tudor England

“True Facts from Tudor England” is a series of viral spots created by Mixtape Club, promoting the second season of the Showtime series “The Tudors”. The stories are based on fun facts provided by the historical consultants working for the show. Working from Mixtape Club’s designs, the Showtime web team created this interactive Tudor village. […] [Read more]

Faunts “M4 (Part II)”

Music video directed by Ryan Bosworth. [Read more]

Nathan Love For Cellular South

New from Nathan Love are these two tidy and tight 3D character spots for Cellular South. Joe and Kate Burrascano, the married director and CD pair behind Nathan Love are both Psyop ex-pats best known for their work on Coca-Cola’s “Happiness Factory”. Watch Cellular South “Sheriff” and “Samuari”. Thanks to Eric E. for the tip. [Read more]


Experienced Designer [Read more]

FEED update: New RSS Widget

Keep up-to-date with FEED on your Mac Dashboard. [Read more]