Multiple openings [Read more]

Dassler by Puma

Adolescent trips thru space and time. [Read more] Viral

What’s your workplace worth? [Read more]

ESPNEWS HD Launched On Sunday

And Trollbäck + Company delivered the style. [Read more]

Ford Ka, The New Soylent Green

From JWT Argentina and director Eduardo Parapugna of Gizmo in Buenos Aires comes this three spot campaign for the Ford Ka. Although the concept of the not-so-menacing monster consuming ant-sized people is nothing new (see Bitstate’s Zune Arts film), the cute character design and lush environments of these help to keep them fresh and fun. […] [Read more]

MTV Denmark “Transistor”

For MTV Denmark’s new programming block for kids, THANK YOU Motion Graphics captured the playful after school atmosphere using iron-on beads. The production (which was originally supposed to included CG elements) took just under two months since they decided to animate everything by hand. The snappy beat comes from the hands of Swedish duo Kungen […] [Read more]

Siggraph Asia: Computer Animation Festival

Submission deadline is June 20th, 2008. [Read more]

MPC Moves To CA

Set to open Santa Monica-based facility in late 2008. [Read more]