• Stefan Sagmeister The Happy Film | STAHS MAGAZINE

    Trailer for Sagmeister’s “The Happy Film”

    Six years in the making, Stefan Sagmeister’s feature documentary “The Happy Film” finds the NYC graphic celebrity on a quest to answer the question “How does one become happy?” by turning himself into a design project. [Read more]

ABSA “Feet”

Putting Your Best Foot Forward. [Read more]


3D Generalist and Motion Graphics Animator [Read more]

Nervo: Let Us Kiss

5 New Idents from Nando Costa and Nervo.tv. [Read more]

My Paper Mind

“My Paper Mind” was inspired by the Stratacut technique of stop motion animation which removes material to reveal another layer, animator/director/ukulele maestro Javan Ivey created this visual experiment by reversing the process and adding layers instead of cutting away. Watch “My Paper Mind” and its 18-hour time lapse “making of” clip. [Read more]

I Am Legend Shorts

Since the first of the I Am Legend animated short films popped up online to promote the theatrical release of the feature film, I wanted to track down the studio that created these creepy painted wonders, but for one reason or another (mainly forgetfulness) never had the chance. So today in my Inbox comes an […] [Read more]

Look Inside Freestyle Collective

New on FEED, check out The Tour. [Read more]

My Head Just Exploded

The Adobe Light-Field Lens. [Read more]

Freestyle Breaks Free

NY design and animation studio Freestyle Collective recently moved into a sweet 10,000 square foot space just off Park Avenue South. Freestyle founder and CD Victor Newman takes us on a guided tour… [Read more]