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    Zaoeyo Opens Pause 2017

    If, like us (and most of the planet), you were enthralled by the refractive magic of the spec title sequence “Organic Machines” by Beijing visual designer Zaoeyo (Xiaolin Zeng), then you’ll certainly appreciate his luminous all-CG opening for Pause 2017. [Read more]

Retro Rubik’s Cube Action

Here’s a fun little experimental short made by Dan Marker-Moore for his intro animation class at Columbia College Chicago. It was created using neon highlighter paper pasted onto standard construction paper, then scanned and comped to create the final retro cool animation. Watch it here. [Read more]

Ottawa International Animation Festival

Entry deadline fast approaching! [Read more]

The Misfits of Science “Can’t Leave You Alone”

A lesson in not taking yourself too seriously. [Read more]

New Billy Bananas

Tristan Eaton’s vinyl toys get a makeover. [Read more]

Rushes Uncovers Us For Discovery

Rushes recently produced over 400 mind-melting CG shots for the Discovery Channel US “Human Body: Ultimate Machine”. The final output was over 80 minutes delivered across 4 hour-long episodes, and according to their website that number equates to 1,050,000 rendered frames, 3,498 reference photos, 22,000 operator hours, and 4,752 cups of tea. Watch a montage […] [Read more]


Motion Graphics Artist [Read more]

Zune Arts Preview: Yves Geleyn

The 2nd installment in the Zune Arts podcast series (courtesy of 72andSunny) premiered this week with a behind the scenes look at an upcoming short film “Mother Like No Other” from director Yves Geleyn. Not only does the podcast offer a glimpse at the textile friendly production, but also a peek at Geleyn’s other talent, […] [Read more]

INVDR: Font Bots

Akzidenz Grotesk strikes back. [Read more]