• Evolution of stop-motion | STASH MAGAZINE


    Like vinyl records, stop-motion animation refuses to be replaced by more practical and efficient digital alternatives. Join UK filmmaker Vugar Efendi on his tour back thru 39 films and 116 years of hand-crafted frame-by-frame magic.
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Zombies need play time too. [Read more]


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Performance Machine from ManvsMachine

London’s ManvsMachine sent word of their site update this morning and this shiny new project for UK performance car broker Zero One jumped out at me. It is the centerpiece for a full brand package including printed and online elements. Watch “Zero One” and see the rest of the design package here. And if you […] [Read more]

SQUA Goes Green

Short film about roadsigns directing love life. [Read more]


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Adobe “See What’s Possible” Gallery

With the submission deadline for the Adobe / Cut & Paste “See What’s Possible” contest now closed, the entries have all be corralled into one online gallery. There’s more than enough videos to peruse and kill your Tuesday work productivity with, just remember to vote for your favorite for the People’s Choice Prize. Click here […] [Read more]

Onesize Fits All For O’Neill

Onesize once again revitalizes their signature look of clean architectural yet abstract 3D elements with this the first of 3 corporate films created for O’Neill to showcase their new hi-tech snowboarding jacket with a fully integrated Navigation System (similar to Marty McFly’s jacket in Back To The Future 2, but far less geeky to bring […] [Read more]

Miss Alphabet

Model type design. [Read more]