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    EISPRUNG “Ivan’s Need” (Mature)

    Possibly the freshest student film we’ve seen this year, “Ivan’s Need” is the gloriously strange graduation film of Lucerne University students Veronica L. Montaño, Manuela Leuenberger, and Lukas Suter. [Read more]

New Megunica Trailer

Street Art doc by Blu and Lorenzo Fonda. [Read more]

E.T.A. Takes Four Years To Arrive

“E.T.A.” is the simple little sci-fi short directed by Henrik B. Clausen that recently took 1st in the animation competition at the BreakPoint Festival in Bingen, Germany. After coming up with the concept for the film in 2004, the crew at 3D animation studio JUNK have been chipping away at the project for the last […] [Read more]

Stardust Returns to Broadway

Stardust Studios just moved their New York City studio to smart and sleek new space designed by LA architecture and development firm assembledge+. [Read more]


2008 Reel. [Read more]

“Viva Calaca”

Wacky Day of the Dead short. [Read more]

Rob Chiu: Director/Photographer

Seeing his latest work for the Gala Open for The Webby’s (and last year’s titles for OFFF NYC), what kills me the most about Rob Chiu‘s work is his jaw-dropping photography. Thankfully Rob also loves his own photography and has recently compiled a gorgeous online gallery of his favorite images. [Read more]

Fuse Gets Blacklisted

The Brooklyn Brothers and Blacklist recently paired up to create 6 of the quirkiest Fuse idents I’ve seen in awhile. Blacklist directors Nanospore, David Lobser, Cisma, Pistachios, Hollbrooks and Friends With You each got a crack at one of the 5 idents, watch each ident here: “Therapy” (Cisma) “Adrenaline” (David Lobser) “Balloon” (Pistachios) “Time Travel” […] [Read more]