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Party Party Party

smilefaucet DVD release reminder. [Read more]

Hatch Freezes Over

Ford “Ice” is the latest spot to come out of Hatch Studios Ltd. in Toronto – featuring computer generated vehicles, environments and VFX shots produced in full 1080P HD. Watch it here. Thanks to Richard for the tip. [Read more]


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“A Walk In The Woods”

Not the pile of crap you expected. [Read more]

Strange Videos Come Out of Finland

With FEED we welcome our visitors to submit projects for us to post. My favorites are the ones that only send a URL in their emails (at the very most a short blurb if I’m lucky), forcing me to click on the link and step into the void of the unknown, hoping for the best […] [Read more]


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Animated Magnetism

I never knew I would have such a keen interest in the secret lives of natural magnetic fields, but “Magnetic Movie” by Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt could be about carpet cleaning and I would sit up and pay attention. Seriously, comp on some sleek looking 3D and science never looked so damn cool. Watch […] [Read more]