• Monsters Dorothea Lasky | STASH MAGAZINE

    Unleashing Dorothea Lasky’s “Monsters”

    It may look like it was hand painted by a mischievous Van Gogh in grade school but this new Motionpoem, by Method Studios for “Monsters” by Dorothea Lasky, hides a complex workflow beneath its lighthearted surface. [Read more]


Multiple openings [Read more]

Nowhere-lab Updates

And continue to keep it anonymous. [Read more]

Forget The Film, Watch The Titles

Updates with “Gruesome School Trip” titles. [Read more]

Teletoon Animation Scholarship

Open to aspiring Canadian animators. [Read more]

Minty Fresh Farts Save Lives

Here’s the sequel to 2007’s infamous Vigorsol The Legend spot from Ben Dawkins and MPC (on Stash 32), this time under the direction of Mateus de Paula Santos. Animated by Lobo and produced by The Ebeling Group, Global Freezing goes beyond the standard fart humor of its first predecessor commenting on the dread of global […] [Read more]

Digital Domain Paints The Town Red

As of Monday this new Mazda spot broke in a few select European countries. The digital cityscapes, CG cars, fluid simulation and compositing were all left up to Digital Domain in this flashy number from director Carl Erik Rinsch for RSA. The only thing DD didn’t create are the Zoolander-type models. Thanks to Fran for […] [Read more]

“All You Need Is…”

Hint: it’s not love. [Read more]