• Evolution of stop-motion | STASH MAGAZINE


    Like vinyl records, stop-motion animation refuses to be replaced by more practical and efficient digital alternatives. Join UK filmmaker Vugar Efendi on his tour back thru 39 films and 116 years of hand-crafted frame-by-frame magic.
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Fluorescent Hill’s DIY Style

Heathrow talks to directors Johanne St-Marie and Mark Lomond of Fluorescent Hill and discovers the secret to the Montreal studio’s growing reputation. [Read more]

MGMT Party. BYOB Psychedlics.

Brooklyn’s MGMT gets the full-on psychotropic Burning Man treatment from Partizan director Ray Tintori for this ode to fame and excess called “Time to Pretend”. The seriously low tech Fear and Loathing animation and vfx are courtesy of Robert Leitzell and Jordan Fish. Watch “Time to Pretend” via court 13 [Read more]

Jack is Back on Nick…

… and it ain’t pretty. Roger that. [Read more]


Senior 3d max/Vray artists [Read more]

FEED update: New Filmtecknarna Tour

With tourguide Lars Ohlson. [Read more]

Filmtecknarna: Take 2

In July 2007 Swedish Design and Animation production company FilmTecknarna moved from one part of southern Stockholm to another, just a couple of kilometers away. [Read more]

Toshiba “Colors”

For Ping Mag, from Blip Boutique. [Read more]

Thursday’s are Strange on BBC2

New broadcast work for BBC2 from Vincent in London provides further proof the British sense of humor is a singular and unpredictable beast. Check out the striking and strange “Thursdays are Funny” graphics package montage. [Read more]