• Wonderful Nature Chameleon| STASH MAGAZINE

    Lumatic “Our Wonderful Nature – The Common Chameleon”

    It’s an indisputable fact that over-eating is detrimental to human health, but the effects of gluttony on species in the wild has never been well-documented. That all changed with the release of this groundbreaking nature mini-doc from Berlin animation and visual effects studio LUMATIC. [Read more]


2D/3D Animator [Read more]

Seed, Hardstaff and Plus et Plus run Tokyo

Three films via onedotzero industries. [Read more]

Nylon Comes Out in the Wash

Direct from downtown LA and the fine stretchy minds at Nylon – a looping logo treatment for new branding and communications agency Wash. The animation runs on HD screens in Wash’s new offices in Marina Del Rey. Watch Wash “Identity” [Read more]

Your Invitation to Meet SpecialGuest

Big, shiny and fun new work from SpecialGuest, the freshly hatched NY studio and sibling to 1st Ave Machine. “New Car Finder” is the first of three spots populated by a cast of Japanese-influenced robots directed by Aaron Duffy for Auto Trader thru new London ad agency Hurrell Moseley Dawson & Grimmer. 1st Ave EP […] [Read more]


3D Generalist [Read more]

Zeitguised “Untitled (Geometrics)”

An old short, but a good short. [Read more]

ABSA “Feet”

Putting Your Best Foot Forward. [Read more]


3D Generalist and Motion Graphics Animator [Read more]