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    Down Under with Buck, Cadbury and Oreo

    Buck‘s Sydney and US animation crews team up to combine two chocolatey snacks, hyper-active emoji’s and an infectious pop song to make this 80-second Australian adventure for Cadbury’s new Dairy Milk with Oreo bar eminently watchable. [Read more]


Japanese stop-motion director Koichiro Tsujikawa and prod co. Spoon in Tokyo, give us their animated and updated version of Hieronymus Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights for ambient trip-hop band Cornelius and their track "Like A Rolling Stone" [Read more]

If only homes could build themselves.

Well it’s true, they have invented a way for contractors to show up to your home and magically create your dream room without lifting a finger. That’s how you get 5 stars on on ServiceMagic.com. Check out Buck’s viral on Contractopia. [Read more]

designer slash model

designer slash model this is exactly how it is behind the scenes. i swear to god. [Read more]


The next time you get a brief asking for anime-style references you’ll be able to pull out this sick game trailer and steal all sorts of stuff. It’s like old school John Woo doing 3D. Produced by Digital Frontier in Tokyo for Appleseed EX from SEGA on PS2.   [Read more]


The quick minds behind the Emmy’s have added a new category this year for Broadband Comedy (cause it’s new you know). You can watch episodes of both the animated nominees Baxter and Maquire here and Pale Force here. All I can say is, it’s time to dust off those animated webisode ideas lanquishing in your […] [Read more]


You do a good job on the sponsors, a year later they reward you with the opening, and so it goes for Version2 and their recent opening titles for the 2007 AICP show. To create the illusion of depth Version2 took their digital matte painting environments from Photoshop and imported them into Inferno where they […] [Read more]


Software heads be advised: MAXON are organizing a roadshow with Adobe this summer to demonstrate how CINEMA 4D and CS3 can be a friend to you and your motion graphics. More details about the tour including dates and locations here: http:// tour.maxon3d.com [Read more]

in-camera goodness from Logan for Toyota/Dentsu Japan

A wonderful non-graphic spot from Logan that makes liberal use of the flying environment/set concept. one of my favorite cinematographers, Christopher Doyle, lenses this.     Enjoy Toyota "Meet" Agency: Dentsu, JapanCreative Directors: Ryo Honda, Masako Okamura Agency Creatives: Masako Okamura, Keita YamadaProducer: Yuzuru Hasegawa Director: Logan DOP: Christopher Doyle Production company: Rokkit Location Service: […] [Read more]