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    Luke Saunders “The Fisherman”

    I’ll admit even after reading Luke Saunders’ synopsis of his animated short “The Fisherman,” I have no real idea of what’s going on or if part of it somehow takes place underwater or not – but when a film is this good looking it just doesn’t seem to matter much. [Read more]


What did you do on October 5th this year? Did you remember to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Sputnik program? Just released from Anton Sakara and his team in Moscow comes this impressive broadcast package for the Russian Televisions Academy. As Sakara puts it himself "it`s a story of future television space conquests." The […] [Read more]


A new doc in the Koppel on Discovery series makes the case that California’s prison system is at the boiling point due to severe overcrowding. This open from Imaginary Forces gets that point across and sets the tone for the program with sombre but thoughtful layers held together by IF’s knack for graphic elegance.   [Read more]


The fifth stop on the mother of all graphic design tours goes live tonight Sat Oct 6th at 7PM at Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago and online in the real-time webcast here. If you wanna be there in person you can grab all the details here. Congrats to the San Francisco winner Erik Otto and […] [Read more]

Fabbrica Di FelicitÃ

In Plato’s allegory of the cave we are all but prisoners forced to watch shadows of puppets against a screen. After watching this new Sky spot from Nexus Productions I feel like standing up and saying, "I’ve had enough of the same shadows all the time, are there no new forms to watch?"  Now Nexus, […] [Read more]


Finally after months of hype, Sony Bravia "Play-Doh" has finally wrapped and appeared online. Directed by Frank Budgen and Darren Walsh, watch the bunnies work their magic all over NYC here via Passion Pictures.   [Read more]


Ten new virals on Virgin America’s website Virgin America’s Virgin Americans. Not much to write home about in the animation department, but there really isn’t a need for it with the variety of oddball humor on display, think Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim”. My fav: “Games”.   Agency: Anomaly Creative Director: Mike ByrneArt Director: Randy FreemanCopywriter: Sean […] [Read more]


Buck the design/animation/production studio located in downtown LosAngeles is currently looking for talented artists to fill the followingfreelance positions immediately for two weeks: REALFLOW Fluids ExpertSeeking an expert to create photorealistic liquid in bottle, foam, bubbles. FUSION COMPOSITORSeeking senior-level compositors who know Fusion inside and out. You will need to be proficient at 2D and […] [Read more]

The Gum Thief

It’s always nice to see new stuff from Crush Inc. in Toronto knowing that one of the senior artist’s graduated from the same program as myself (and having a couple of friends who work there too never hurt anyone either). Crush was commissioned by Random House to create this trilogy of short films to promote […] [Read more]